Thursday, 28 February, 2013

Sissy comes US.

Feb 24 -6:52 PM
So, I have been careless enough to see the two hours halt at the transit to Detroit.

 I remember the last time I regretted not giving importance  to the number of stops and giving more priority to the cost of the ticket was my trip to India last year, I realized in that trip that I don't like traveling, something which I fancied when my friend Jeet used to complaint about.  I like seeing places but I don't like that long hours of being seated in a place restricting ur muscles, bones to move..not that I am an athlete or a sporty person. I've been like this - I want every hour to be as entertaining and dramatic as kyun ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi..haha just kidding. No, but seriously speaking I can't stand the same thing for more than 2 hrs, I start getting bored before those 120 mins of repeateddom or repeatedness, be it work or a movie. I remember I used to complain to pay 15$ for a 1.5 hrs movie coz I was used to pay less for a movie which offered entertainment for 2.5 hrs or 3 hrs sometimes.

I made my first trip all by myself in this alien country. I realized how dependent I was on my friends to drive me hear and there, all I do is drive work to home and drive back home to work, not counting those window shopping trips to malls around the place. This trip was to Indianapolis to see my sister, who I saw the last about an year ago. I couldn't see her the last time she came to California, being cal so far and I had my semester exams, also I was sure I would not buy that expensive air ticket, not to forget I was just an intern then. I wasn't sure if  I would be able to see her, I was planning to go by bus as the  guy friends who'd drive for me weren't in town and the buses were getting cancelled coz of the bad weather.  The friend who was dropping me checked if I had all my tickets and found I didn't have a part of my return ticket n he goes- you can't do anything without ur friends on ur own. I didn't collect it from the printer.

I didn't eat breakfast, I asked the lady sitting in the front of me if the bus would stop for lunch and she said no. The bus stopped  at a station and I quickly got down and bought few snacks from the wending machine. I reached to the hotel before she checked in, I saw few colleagues of hers working, I got an idea that she'd join them too once she arrives. She got down from the taxi and I ran and hugged her.  Hmm.. we didn't spend much time together as it was just a day trip, but we had dinner, breakfast and lunch together and had long chats.

Sis always has complains with the way I dress, this time I did not want to take risk and wore the sweater which she bought for me..and took a bright blue sweater for the second day, but how can she not have any problem the way I dress or look, she always does, she doesn't know but I cried watching Taare Zameen Par's Tujhe sab hai pata hai na maa song when she told me to to dress proper the day before I was starting, Mom is the only one who doesn't complain about me, I though I'll call Mom, but I didn't she'd be worried so much. I felt its all papas fault, he's the one who use to shop for her, buy all those solid colors-no more than 1 or 2 colors  in a dress and no too much pattern, design. Huh! I can't argue with their sense of dressing, I think I dress much mature or older to my age. But I like how she put make up on me n say -'do aa' for putting lipstick on, she's been doing that since I was small. Dress and Make up artist cum critique. 

We couldn't shop or even take a picture together :( But I heard a lot of stories of my tiny niece who's growing so fast. I cant wait for one more small baby in the family, I haven't spent much time with my niece but still, seeing the little ones pictures and buying things for her is so much fun. 

We didn't cry while parting, we're grown ups now ;) I was so tensed that I will miss the bus..I missed the chance of looting things from her make up box when she asked in the end -'take something if u like, I had my eyes on the MAC Concealer. 

Eating the sweets sis got, feels like I forgot what real sweets are the desi stores here carry all the stale stuff and my interest in sweets all most went to a negative scale, this feels so heavenly and melts in mouth. Ah!..I love India for its food, no comparison ever!