Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

The first Thanksgiving!

A blog a month!

Bad strategy, I know...lost the blogging track so badly. No posting, no following.
Someone's said I have engaged myself in absolutely mundane activities, which are of no use...agree!absolutely!
Mmmm..Not pondering much on that, my this post's about all new things and new experiences....

Sunday Night; sadness that the weekend's over and a recap on what all happened in the weekend, weekend'd be wrong-the thanksgiving break!

Weekend's normally start from friday, but being thanksgiving the holidays were declared from thursday...
People started for vacation out of state  and the others waited eagerly for 'the black friday'..and so were us...
Had heard about thanksgiving back in India...Electronic goods, clothes everything at throw away prices...We all were so excited. The holiday feeling was ON on tuesday itself, for one of the friends was leaving for Texas... we all were so excited about his going... Having relatives here's a boon...You can go to relative X's place then relative X will take you to place Y and then at some time Z relative X will come to visit you, take you for shopping and blah blah...which unfortunately I cant take a privilege of...coz the X element's missing. :P

Wednesday was a real bad day, me down with cough and cold and  people saying 'Todays class got cancelled coz of Thanksgiving'...Watching Inception with that heavy head made it more bad(doesn't mean Inception was bad). With the end of the class I thought it was the end of the day...Half dead on the way home my friends tell that we are going to Deathly hallows HP today. Everyone was ready to kick start the vacation, except me..Yes, everyone must be aware of the famous quote 'When all is well, Nameera is not well' :P
One was going for seniors birthday party and the remaining were eagerly waiting for the movie...so, I was left with no option stale at home/Go for HP.
I played drama for an hour..after  Saradon/ zandu balm, Oil in hair, muffler round the neck, monkey cap, gloves and sweater...When they were booking the tickets online, I felt I am not doing that bad, I can see the movie.
Theatre wasn't Ohh Ahhhh Great..but the good thing was in a theatre of capacity of 500 people, they were only 30-40 seats were filled. Choose your own seats..What an awesome place for love birds, all silent, dark, no people around watch movie if you want and paying the regular movie ticket price you get the experience of watching the movie alone..Ahem!I hope I don't adopt Pesto Sauce's writing trait in some days.. 
HP was disappointing, very much this time...each time I watch it, I say 'the previous one was better'...Or may be I didn't like it coz my over excited  Potter Sis wasn't beside with me to answer my stupid questions during the movie.

The day started at One noon on thursday, Siva(the most notorious here :P...the next blog or when I am most bored I'd write about new people here) bought a seniors car. Thank God, we got the car, walking  in snow would have been for all of us..The fella took a day long time, it was a surprise to all his roomies...Me and my roomie knew it... we kept him calling whole day, he came in the evening 7 and we come to know that the car was parked yesterday itself in front of the apartment...Huh!
The other roomie in the same house bought the car on the same day in the afternoon...but we were much excited about this car coz it was our own...parked in front of our apartment.
It was raining and Rahul the pujari of our group did Pooja, Did aarthi, put Kum kum, turmeric and rice grains on the car... and I too kept my holy book in it.
The day doesn't end here...Midnight starts the day we were waiting eagerly for, since the time we were in India-'Black Friday'. 
We went to Walmart with our beloved seniors Randeep and Srikanth.. I didnt find clothing very interesting, no brand makes it all dull...so was walmart, they were few good deals on Electronic goods, We had no plans to stay there whole night, but one of my friend stood stubborn there for the Sony Camera, which had a queue and the distribution of the camera would start at 5 AM.
Three in the group were tired and went into the car to sleep...we sat down in the queue for the GPS, few people slept in the queue.
With people the weather too went off the track, it snowed and it was so chilly. I can never forget that frozen moment, where I was just wearing a fleece Jacket, Siva trying to open the lock for five minutes and Shree jumping, to save himself cold, shouting...'Oh man...open it! Open it!!'
We came back at six thirty in the morning, slept for two hours and then again started for shopping-Sommerset Mall...all brands International brands together made confused Nameera more confused and thanks to Siva for holding bags and running across the stores...Others had no patience, my roomie gave up the very first time we went for shopping... :P
Bought few things for siblings... It felt good in buying not big but atleast something from the big stores- Abercrombie, Victoria Secrets. Didn't buy anything for self( no! not gaining sympathy...shopped for self almost everytime we go to a mall...so this times minused me).
Saturday, the bakra had to be halal'd, trapped Siva for the treat for his new car and the fella did pay a huge amount as a newbie; not earning anything.
Sunday, when I got up I found that my eyes were all red and watering...I stopped using lenses a month back coz of the same reason and I used it a day before and it started again.

Everybody had something for thanksgiving, I had Eye drops and and...Pharmacy's here are not like India, limited to medicines...they're huge and have more Skin/Hair care, toilettery than medicines. So, there was a sale on Loreal products and I got a lip color for 2 point something dollars... ;)

Of all things about thanksgiving, If I'd wait for thanksgiving the next year its the thanksgiving dinner/Lunches..I'd like to thank all those who fed me Turkey and yummy salads. I am in love with a salad called 'Coleslaw'...I will make it definitely and eat daily...my senses cant forget that taste still...Yumm!!!