Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

tHE hOsh potch Blog!

Many times heard sis saying/writing 'Shit happens' but never used it...
But today ughhhhh!!I wanna yell 'Shit happens!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Work whole day like a dog, attend class at 5 till see a  friend  after the class, who can give you a ride to your are all elated coz you don't have to walk one mile home and plan to get chicken from a friends place and cook at your place and then eat..!
Now! you are at your friends doorstep...stupid friend with you's got no keys..and the other roomies are also not at home. You calm down and console your heart to manage with ghaans phoos today, chicken tomorrow.
You are in front of your apartment and you see no lights on...and that's when...when you recall...last time when you forgot your keys you sat in your balcony and wrote a blog! it's time now..time to post..
time to post the forgotten draft....

I don't even know if there's any relation/similarity between me sitting and typing down what all went wrong today and the draft lying in blogger bag past one week. It  shouldn't take you much to transit from frustrated Nameera who forgot the keys to Nameera sitting in cool breeze on public libraries terrace.

Blink!! and you are here...


'I used to get up in the morning, go for jogging, have flakes in cool milk and then go and sit in the library...'

The last time i had a chat with her, where i was giving her lame excuses for being very busy (not finding time for myself)..she shooted the above lines. Alas! I am here.. sitting in the terrace of  Public Library and cutting time..Libraries are meant to read.. aren't they..that too silently...that too you don't even get a reason to get your glance off your books sight no  going and opening the fridge or moving the lids to check if you can lick something  secretly. If I give this reason to sis for not going to library..then she'll probably say 'You have coffee shop there..'
Ugh!She has all the possible reason to oppose me.
Stop!Stop! It's not that I don't like Libraries or I don't like my sister nagging me all the time...
I am thankful to the library....Library in the college and the public library here, for I get some peace and freedom from the regular telugu/tamil/kannad chap chap chat chat! ten people speaking in all different languages at the same time.. and about sissy nagging..If I am good at anything or atleast mediocre then it's all her grace...More than myself if someone's kept all time eye on me, then it's her, each time trying push me to various things only to discover my personal interest...Books/clothes/hair/studies ..nah! :P In the end after all her yelling, she'd pick a dress, do my hair...something different which she use to think I'd like.

I like  it or not...and I say 'It's Ok' :D
Digressing badly.

Frustrated Nameera's back!
Sorry readers...nothing much to type.
At that point of time on terrace the only thing in my mind was that I am sitting here coz of my sister...trying to develop that keeda of reading books...which I think I've lost big time now..since the time I've come here.
**** end of the blog****

P.S relation/similarity  in me writing a blog at both the different times, different spot about different things...both are written at the same place-'LIBRARY'
Coming next post: How I am wasting/ cutting time here and how that can be set right...why do I ponder on that, one stop center 'Sis'. Ask her!! :P