Friday, 1 January, 2010

Happy New year!!!

Hwohooooooo!!!!!!!Happy New year!!Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
Ah..this blog doesn't hold that much..Just how we spent the last hours of 2009 and ushered into 2010.

Thanks to the pink brigade (shouldn't be mistaken,they're TRS leaders here) coz all the celebrations were canceled,pubs and clubs closed!We had only one club open where Anushka-the singer, tortured people very badly(it reminded me of a show at my sisters college where a girl played donkey in a play relating to Christs birth)this was telecasted on a local channel..So,we switched channels between this local tv and what happened in vegas on star movies and some programme..ah'jashn 2010' on star plus.

We were very hungry for the vegas movie but we had Mum and aunty,one of Pa's friends wify(friend equals to papa says, 'he's your grandpa beta..'you must have got what kinda friend)when we heard that they are gonna come,me specially wasn't that excited,Oh!when i was excited on hearing that someone's gonna only meant preparing more and more coffee,vacate your bedroom and sleep in some other room and another Dekho hyderabad tourist guide act.The anti-social me!!

But this Aunty's nice,coz
a:She was a bit older,we had that grandma kinda care and love from her and and..
b:She made all the Kannad dishes,though they weren't ohhh..ahh...mouth watering,but different! Vegas was sacrificed..we waited for the clock to tick 12.Last year wasn't bad,the first person I wished was my potter sis,so I didn't restrain myself for the same this year too..

They say-Nokia connecting people..this that.But it was yesterday, I realized what the tag lines actually had behind them..The cheers,the smiles they show were all so natural.

The first person I dialed- my sis..the networks were badly jammed but thankfully,my sis got connected in a third fourth redial,and I started arguing 'why didn't you call me first..!?You called someone else first no?'
We went on the terrace,it was a full moon day(it was why do they call it a full moon day?ugh :O)..It was wonderful..seeing the sky lit far somewhere with the fireworks,the midnight chill..I thought if I had a bed here..I'd sleep counting stars,figuring animals,creatures in the sky.

The next person I dialed was my Orkut born Bhai!!Annu!!And then my sister received a call from her most unwelcomed senior,to whom she tied rakhi :D I never knew we were this wanted,one of my cousin,who last time spoke to me on Eid called,everyone at her place were asleep,so poor she dialed us!..Curse TRS people,they ruined everyone's plans..Huh!And then another cousin..and then another friend..each time we received,dialed someone we fought 'I wished first!I wished first..!!'

We were up till two,just attending calls and dialing numbers.In other words would term it as 'A New year with the phone..'
So..Thanks Airtel,Vodafone for it.

Hope you all had fun.
All the best for the year ahead and once again Happppy New year!!!

P.S:I made a new year resolution that I'd stop consuming/taking/inputting rice,but **burps**I had vegetable Biryani in the lunch and Fish curry,chicken +++Rice in the dinner.