Sunday, 5 June, 2016

There's something about Rain - II .

When I was about to start this blog I didn't know there was a ' something about Rain ' post already. When I logged in I found that -hey the lst time I wrote was when it was raining. so. there's some connection between rain and me writing for sure. Rain gets me too philosophical to write.

It reminds me of the deck at my home upstairs where we would often hangout, just sit and chat for hours, then there would be a fight for who'll go get water to drink coz we have been there for too long.

I would sneak into the neighbors house who had a big backyard, chickens roaming around..I have not seen people had chickens in there houses after 2005 maybe..but these neighbors had chickens roaming in their backyard back in 2010..I don't know if they still do. Not that it's a bad thing but, hey you have a big back yard then why not have some extra hobbies. I always complained that they should have some vegetation going, but...

It just rained here..all the swoosh foosh sounds of breeze moving the trees which I was enjoying now replaced by the water falling from the roof, which I am not a big fan of. Now there will be traffic jams and a delay when I go get my morning coffee. 

Didn't know I would miss small things like this about home. Anyways, I didn't realize there was no app for blogger on iPhone, which is terrible.Because I had to open my laptop to write this one.

Before I sign off, I am listening to 'Cyrus says' podcast these days, Cyrus has his same old humor style till now. It feels so good to listen him, brings back memories of time when you used to feel cool just by watching 'MTV' haha. There's so much difference in the style of humor of different people, this guy can insult you and make you laugh at the same time but others like 'Tanmay Bhatt' cannot! I never liked that guy and I was never a fan of AIB, I preferred the Viral TVF over AIB all the time.

Well..have to dive into worldly things to keep the day I am going to take an off right now.

(I almost sound like a Radio jockey in this post, I realized. Blogger is that dear to me,I feel like I am talking to another person, it's close to my heart. :D)