Sunday, 31 May, 2015

There's something about Rain.

There's something about rain that reminds me of Bangalore. In India I always loved rains when people would take a break from the day and enjoy a cup of tea and hot pakodas just because it is raining. Papa would walk in his white kurta in muddy water and mom would yell from upstairs -'it's all dirty water, come upstairs,' to which papa would respond like a weather reporter -'poora bhar gaya, tolichowki doob jata.' (it's all filled with water, the city will drown). 

It reminds me of my favorite city in India - Bangalore, where I discovered the love of my sisters life 'Jeeju' who took care of me when I was on a bed rest every Saturday's when sis was gone for work. We sat eating the whole box of rasgullas not leaving any for sis. 

I always had the door of the room open so that I could see what everyone's doing from the vents of the gate. The city is the most clean city in India in general, at least the part of area I lived - Koramangla, so you smell the wet earth every time it rained. 

It's been raining a lot here, President Obama declared 'disaster' as death toll went to 21 in texas because of floods, I was thinking Modi is yet to express his thoughts about the heat waves and death toll in India which is more than a 1000 in just a week. 

That's it for this morning.

Friday, 22 May, 2015

Moms are Moms!

Re post from somewhere else. Because - you always want to go to where you originally belong. Miss Blogging.

Have been sick for more than two weeks now. Have baby sit my neighbors kid who kept playing on the laptop with hi sound. Her mom came back to get her and saw my runny nose and gave this camphor(its a thing used in Hindu ceremonies) also known for purifying air and making breathing easy. That was so sweet of her. :D I crushed this and put it on my bed near the has a mild sent.

Moms are Good! :D