Monday, 21 January, 2013

Lights off! Owl.

I was going to get tea for myself my roommate said-'you won't sleep Nameera,' Lets see, I replied.
I started drinking tea when I was in standard seven, since then the day I skip it my head blasts, the hang of it has become less since the time I came here to the US, but then if I drink the same thing anytime after 5 in the evening, I am gone, I don't get sleep for hours in the night.

I don't know how many of you don't get sleep the night before you go to work after vacation or on Sundays, I don't. :( And its been like this always-in school, college every time.

There was a period when I started wat tching all real horror stories on Television and I wouldn't sleep for hours, even if I slept my sleep'd be very disturbing. Shows like Gumrah, its about teenage crimes, and there was one more show where a newly married psycho  guy killed his wife and stored her body in the refrigerator for 15 years, the shows name is 'SHAITAAN' means devil and the advertisements of this show use to just pop up in the middle of no where when i used to watch Bigg Boss.

Funny part is the weird searches I make when I don't fall sleep;
DSW Shoes
Does earthworms spoil the indoor plants
How to chose a right foundation 
What color eye shadow suits dark complexion 

I thought I am not falling sleep because there's very less activity for my body and started going to Gym in the evenings, I also tried drinking warm chocolate milk just before going to bed, its been kind of  legacy in our family in women specially to eat sweet before sleeping, my grand mom use to eat Paan and my mom always had sweet tooth.

Now! after a month I started editing this blog, I don't remember what I wanted to write more about sleeping late at night, before I just go and click that discard button on the top, I'll let u read this and may be I can ask you readers, not that I have many - How do you get a good sleep if something like this happens to you or how do you cut time other than trying to install new apps on your phone or do weird google searches or tilt your blinds of the window to see how many more lights around you in the apartment's turned ON. 

Friday, 11 January, 2013


Every time a dear friend of mine visits India I have packages going out and coming in. I remember when I went to India last year I didn't take anything from anyone, I didn't have room in my bags for someone else's packages. 

The first time I sent something home from here was  in 2010 in December when papa used to send me dollars for my expenses, I used to be so thrifty then. Sri who left yesterday for India took my things and messed everything-I was so angry he gave my chocolates to someone else and gave someone else's snickers(I don't like them) to my family. I had such a worst expression when someone was getting snickers to send it to India and imagine the same chocolates went to my family. When my parents showed me what all he gave them I cried saying-'he gave snickers to you guys, who sends snickers to India? I didn't send them.' Papa tried explaining me that I should be glad that he took my things and not complaint.The guy messed up with things because he was carrying so many things for 5 people to India. 

Even last year when he went to India Mom sent so many things for me, Pickles, sweets and some traditional dresses. Anyone who'd go to India I tell them to get sweets and Pickle, I didn't even spare my team lead, I don't know if he got it or not, he came back just yesterday. I hope he gets it because the stock mom sent me last time's almost coming to an end. Oh! oh! wait day before yesterday one of my friend in Texas couriered  me a package it had Gongura(leafy vegetable) pickle, he told he remembered how much I liked it when I ate it when he was here, he moved to California otherwise I'd have no scarcity of pickles in my shelf. 

So, this time when Sri was going to India, I had some stuff to send to my family, my sister aka potter sis sent me a big list, excuse: she got hired in Google. Just kidding. The list had flat shoes, some blue color eye liner, body wash and all girly things, when I asked her- do you want an Ipod she said 'No, I listen songs on my phone..' Grr! who'd say no to an I product? Even last time when I asked my elder sis who's found of reading books, if she wanted nook or kindle, she said-'No, I am not a gadget person' Huh! Even I'm not a gadget person, I still don't have a smart phone. But when I see people buying all the electronics for their siblings even I feel like buying them, my brother asks me for a lot of electronic things but I just trash all his requests because I think he's still young to use them. How ever he managed to make me order a google tablet, even my mom encouraged him saying ' Yes, you can get that, my colleague got that and she was even able to take phone calls on that' 

Last time Sri was caught in the immigration check and had to pay a huge money for all the gadgets he was carrying, so this time when I asked if he can take a tablet he first agreed and later told no. I was still sure that I can send it with him. His flight was initially on 14th Jan but he prepone his ticket to 9th. My tablet was getting shipped within 5 business days and I was sure it wont reach before he leaves, I was sad the whole day when I heard this. I was so excited about sending it. :(

He left for India and another friend of mine who was also sending his gifts to India told me he didn't take the shoes I got for my sister, my mind was just blown off when I heard this, I started yelling at the guy who told me this. I also cried when I told my sis on chat that he couldn't take shoes either. Sometime later I called him and fought on why he didn't take it, he said he didn't have room, he was again taking 5 peoples gifts and he didn't want to take 'SHOES'. I kept arguing trying to prove how bad he is. I have my Gmail online most of the time, my father tried calming me down he again told me that I should be glad that he at least took somethings of mine. I calmed down and called him and bid Bye.

I decided that from now on I will not send anything to India from any friends of mine..but then next month one more friend is going to India, he'll also be going to Delhi where my little niece is whose birthday is in March..what do I do?