Tuesday, 30 November, 2010

The first Thanksgiving!

A blog a month!

Bad strategy, I know...lost the blogging track so badly. No posting, no following.
Someone's said I have engaged myself in absolutely mundane activities, which are of no use...agree!absolutely!
Mmmm..Not pondering much on that, my this post's about all new things and new experiences....

Sunday Night; sadness that the weekend's over and a recap on what all happened in the weekend, weekend'd be wrong-the thanksgiving break!

Weekend's normally start from friday, but being thanksgiving the holidays were declared from thursday...
People started for vacation out of state  and the others waited eagerly for 'the black friday'..and so were us...
Had heard about thanksgiving back in India...Electronic goods, clothes everything at throw away prices...We all were so excited. The holiday feeling was ON on tuesday itself, for one of the friends was leaving for Texas... we all were so excited about his going... Having relatives here's a boon...You can go to relative X's place then relative X will take you to place Y and then at some time Z relative X will come to visit you, take you for shopping and blah blah...which unfortunately I cant take a privilege of...coz the X element's missing. :P

Wednesday was a real bad day, me down with cough and cold and  people saying 'Todays class got cancelled coz of Thanksgiving'...Watching Inception with that heavy head made it more bad(doesn't mean Inception was bad). With the end of the class I thought it was the end of the day...Half dead on the way home my friends tell that we are going to Deathly hallows HP today. Everyone was ready to kick start the vacation, except me..Yes, everyone must be aware of the famous quote 'When all is well, Nameera is not well' :P
One was going for seniors birthday party and the remaining were eagerly waiting for the movie...so, I was left with no option stale at home/Go for HP.
I played drama for an hour..after  Saradon/ zandu balm, Oil in hair, muffler round the neck, monkey cap, gloves and sweater...When they were booking the tickets online, I felt I am not doing that bad, I can see the movie.
Theatre wasn't Ohh Ahhhh Great..but the good thing was in a theatre of capacity of 500 people, they were only 30-40 seats were filled. Choose your own seats..What an awesome place for love birds, all silent, dark, no people around watch movie if you want and paying the regular movie ticket price you get the experience of watching the movie alone..Ahem!I hope I don't adopt Pesto Sauce's writing trait in some days.. 
HP was disappointing, very much this time...each time I watch it, I say 'the previous one was better'...Or may be I didn't like it coz my over excited  Potter Sis wasn't beside with me to answer my stupid questions during the movie.

The day started at One noon on thursday, Siva(the most notorious here :P...the next blog or when I am most bored I'd write about new people here) bought a seniors car. Thank God, we got the car, walking  in snow would have been for all of us..The fella took a day long time, it was a surprise to all his roomies...Me and my roomie knew it... we kept him calling whole day, he came in the evening 7 and we come to know that the car was parked yesterday itself in front of the apartment...Huh!
The other roomie in the same house bought the car on the same day in the afternoon...but we were much excited about this car coz it was our own...parked in front of our apartment.
It was raining and Rahul the pujari of our group did Pooja, Did aarthi, put Kum kum, turmeric and rice grains on the car... and I too kept my holy book in it.
The day doesn't end here...Midnight starts the day we were waiting eagerly for, since the time we were in India-'Black Friday'. 
We went to Walmart with our beloved seniors Randeep and Srikanth.. I didnt find clothing very interesting, no brand makes it all dull...so was walmart, they were few good deals on Electronic goods, We had no plans to stay there whole night, but one of my friend stood stubborn there for the Sony Camera, which had a queue and the distribution of the camera would start at 5 AM.
Three in the group were tired and went into the car to sleep...we sat down in the queue for the GPS, few people slept in the queue.
With people the weather too went off the track, it snowed and it was so chilly. I can never forget that frozen moment, where I was just wearing a fleece Jacket, Siva trying to open the lock for five minutes and Shree jumping, to save himself cold, shouting...'Oh man...open it! Open it!!'
We came back at six thirty in the morning, slept for two hours and then again started for shopping-Sommerset Mall...all brands International brands together made confused Nameera more confused and thanks to Siva for holding bags and running across the stores...Others had no patience, my roomie gave up the very first time we went for shopping... :P
Bought few things for siblings... It felt good in buying not big but atleast something from the big stores- Abercrombie, Victoria Secrets. Didn't buy anything for self( no! not gaining sympathy...shopped for self almost everytime we go to a mall...so this times minused me).
Saturday, the bakra had to be halal'd, trapped Siva for the treat for his new car and the fella did pay a huge amount as a newbie; not earning anything.
Sunday, when I got up I found that my eyes were all red and watering...I stopped using lenses a month back coz of the same reason and I used it a day before and it started again.

Everybody had something for thanksgiving, I had Eye drops and and...Pharmacy's here are not like India, limited to medicines...they're huge and have more Skin/Hair care, toilettery than medicines. So, there was a sale on Loreal products and I got a lip color for 2 point something dollars... ;)

Of all things about thanksgiving, If I'd wait for thanksgiving the next year its the thanksgiving dinner/Lunches..I'd like to thank all those who fed me Turkey and yummy salads. I am in love with a salad called 'Coleslaw'...I will make it definitely and eat daily...my senses cant forget that taste still...Yumm!!!

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

tHE hOsh potch Blog!

Many times heard sis saying/writing 'Shit happens' but never used it...
But today ughhhhh!!I wanna yell 'Shit happens!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Work whole day like a dog, attend class at 5 till 7...you see a  friend  after the class, who can give you a ride to your home...you are all elated coz you don't have to walk one mile home and plan to get chicken from a friends place and cook at your place and then eat..!
Now! you are at your friends doorstep...stupid friend with you's got no keys..and the other roomies are also not at home. You calm down and console your heart to manage with ghaans phoos today, chicken tomorrow.
You are in front of your apartment and you see no lights on...and that's when...when you recall...last time when you forgot your keys you sat in your balcony and wrote a blog! it's time now..time to post..
time to post the forgotten draft....

I don't even know if there's any relation/similarity between me sitting and typing down what all went wrong today and the draft lying in blogger bag past one week. It  shouldn't take you much to transit from frustrated Nameera who forgot the keys to Nameera sitting in cool breeze on public libraries terrace.

Blink!! and you are here...


'I used to get up in the morning, go for jogging, have flakes in cool milk and then go and sit in the library...'

The last time i had a chat with her, where i was giving her lame excuses for being very busy (not finding time for myself)..she shooted the above lines. Alas! I am here.. sitting in the terrace of  Public Library and cutting time..Libraries are meant to read.. aren't they..that too silently...that too you don't even get a reason to get your glance off your books sight no  going and opening the fridge or moving the lids to check if you can lick something  secretly. If I give this reason to sis for not going to library..then she'll probably say 'You have coffee shop there..'
Ugh!She has all the possible reason to oppose me.
Stop!Stop! It's not that I don't like Libraries or I don't like my sister nagging me all the time...
I am thankful to the library....Library in the college and the public library here, for I get some peace and freedom from the regular telugu/tamil/kannad chap chap chat chat! ten people speaking in all different languages at the same time.. and about sissy nagging..If I am good at anything or atleast mediocre then it's all her grace...More than myself if someone's kept all time eye on me, then it's her, each time trying push me to various things only to discover my personal interest...Books/clothes/hair/studies ..nah! :P In the end after all her yelling, she'd pick a dress, do my hair...something different which she use to think I'd like.

I like  it or not...and I say 'It's Ok' :D
Digressing badly.

Frustrated Nameera's back!
Sorry readers...nothing much to type.
At that point of time on terrace the only thing in my mind was that I am sitting here coz of my sister...trying to develop that keeda of reading books...which I think I've lost big time now..since the time I've come here.
**** end of the blog****

P.S relation/similarity  in me writing a blog at both the different times, different spot about different things...both are written at the same place-'LIBRARY'
Coming next post: How I am wasting/ cutting time here and how that can be set right...why do I ponder on that, one stop center 'Sis'. Ask her!! :P

Thursday, 23 September, 2010

Naya desh and the savings account.

It's been more than a month since I  set foot in this country.
A month gone by and it still feels it was yesterday I landed.
With a wide scope of all the things I observed,Tissue Paper Country is the best term i can use for the country.

The rustic hyderabadi initially find it too difficult to say hi and smile at every stranger passing by. The country's all about Hi!Howdy! In other words hollow and plasticity...lacking emotions...two days and I learned their amenities too." Hi!How are you?" to strangers and "sorry" if you touch them accidentally. Courtesy++!

The first two days, the only thing I blabbered on phone to everyone was 'Kya mummy tissue paper'.
I wonder if USA is actually so concerned about the 'Go Green, Go paperless' concept... then why not Go green, Go without tissue to the loo.? Ah!I seriously don't have any problem using tissues, but spending 16$ on the kitchen rolls, and something similar on the toilet rolls too...bwah!

Water!!!!God! If you look for water, you'll get things better than water BUT nothing less than 1.5$. In this corner they save water... :P I carry a bottle everyday ;)

Now that I am all talking about money, I'll pen down  how I save it or how I stop it getting it out of my account...
*Fill the coffee mug full, infact till the milk overflows the cup.. every time I buy a coffee...no!no I am not buying coffee every day, rarely. One thing I remember when I say coffee, Monika(my roomie) adds all the flavors to the coffee whenever we buy one, Poor chick ends up giving it to someone else before she reaches half  the mug, no, that someone else isn't me..ok! ;P

*Take all the coffee flavor sachets, mayonees/sauce all the packets whatever for free near the coffee table.
Free stuff...never leave it...that's the policy till now.
(My stupid sister cried the last time I told her about the free mayonees ..don't cry Hums the mayoness isn't worth your tears, it's only worth the stupid bread I eat in the morning)

*Free chocolates-I never liked chocolates till now, I remember papa eating all of them at night, coz I use to say 'no,not now' every time and keep them in the freezer. Few stores here at the billing  desk have free chocolates in colorful wrappers and every time i go there I make sure I have one in my mouth before the starting of  purchase and two in my pocket at the time of billing. Initially it looked weird, but now...I go and take them proudly.
Ahem!Ahem...when  this blog was lying somewhere in the drafts, infact yesterday, when i gave a visit  to the same shop...the  man at the counter  said-'those chocklates aren't for free...'  I kept arguing that i take them for free in the evening, that's when the owner of shop's present...the fella at the desk informed that those chocklates are of 30 cents and imagine i've been to the shop 20 times plus...  :P

*Soft board Pins-I take one/two of different color each day I go to the university from the notice board. Trying to make a collection out of it :P

*The hand sanitizer-They're hand sanitizers on the walls and I don't use it for my hands but I take it and put it on someone's face who's around...that's fun. I used it on my hands couple of days, I didn't find it good..so I stopped. Ah! That doesn't matter, I am using it is what matters ;)

*Free samples at Fieldhouse desk- Field house is where we spend time after the class...waste time actually. Sports, Gym and all.. so, here at the check in desk every week they're free samples of shampoo/conditioner, perfume kept...even if guys forget taking it  I take one for them each day till the samples get over. sadly, didn't get any girly stuff  there till now.

For now digest this...
khadoos H1ites  will come up as  soon as i encounter any stupid Indians trying to act  smart or blah blah..when  my blood'd boil and when I can write all Beeep beep stuff :P

All love and Care,

Wednesday, 15 September, 2010


It's been so long I touched...touched someone with affection, devotion...touched someone without that 'Tujh me rab dikhta hai factor' :P
haha!Stop laughing this one again isn't a funny post...so!close that window of close up add.

I vividly remember the n- number of times I shook hands and tried to get that 'apna' feeling...the kind of feeling that went unnoticed when all those golden touches, hugs, kisses, pats, hits were around.

I wish I had an option of freezing....a freeze button and you sojourn in the moment...be there till you want.

Back home when I don't use to have mom beside me at night while sleeping...I used to hug a pillow and sleep. It was after two weeks I bought that extra pillow here, the cheapest one in meijer (2.5$ including taxes). The pillow's now become a papad in a week with a 20 kg or 40 pounds on it...that's my leg!duh!not to forget only one! Then I searched for a teddy bear in stores, cheapest teddy bear google search..but no! Teddies here aren't as cheap as pillows. :(
I wish I had a teddy with which I'd go to the university, take it around everywhere and grope anytime, anyone! :P

The first time I saw Bhargav Joshi(senior)...I so much felt like hugging him, he's one teddy bear in LTU- cuddly!Not like Mom, but he's got flesh on him so... :P
Yesterday I shook hands with him in a different way, not that casual shake...just to get that plump feeling. heheh I don't do that to everyone...I am not a weirdo!

Coming back to the touches...things I wouldn't let go, just to get that feeling....

* When starting for the airport, I wasn't able to find a hanky...so I grabbed Papa's hanky...
When I was unpacking here...I packed it in a transparent pouch, stapled it and it occupies a place beside the holy Quran and jaanmaz(prayer mat).

* Sisss!!!!! I wont remove the chain u put in my neck when I was almost ready to leave home...saying 'This is safety..'  how dare I remove it...My sis cried infront of me for the first time...the baby cried too..it's worth so many tears...how dare I remove it? I won't ever! never!! not for platinum or even Kohinoor.
Love you sis.stupid I am all tears...I didn't cry then coz I had reserved tears for now. Haha...I wonder if I should sit with  a tissue paper everytime I post..all my readers will be gone then and I'd rename my blog as Rotu's blog.

*The Pickle and the powder packets on which sis wrote in ink... 'Edible powder' haha!

Sadly nothing so silly from Mom and Humz and So!
I now understand why Rashmi deedi cried hugging mom when she was in Hyderabad. It appeared so silly then hugging someone else's mother and crying...Mom I miss the million dollar hugs of yours, I miss the way I used to put a leg and a hand on you and sleep. I now know how heavy I am...pity that pillow here.khehe!

* I also miss Jeetu's hugs smilies. :( Time difference doesn't allow even those '>:D<' lifeless smilies on net.

Miss all the hugs, touches, pats  and kisses.

Love you all..

P.S: the makhan in the Namz's blog page is not all gone...wait for the next blog, tissue paper country and The dreadful...r***** you'll get to know..well!keep guessing! ;)

Tuesday, 24 August, 2010


Dear Readers,

Till I get my own lappy adjust with the flat not so entertaining blogs from me...
Hyd jet airways flight:The flight got twenty five minutes delayed. Papa accompanied me till delhi... got a non reclining seat poor papa..'the jnnurm bus service in hyderabad is ten times better'

Landed at Delhi, seeing it I felt proud, Delhi Airport stands noway in comparision to the Rajeev Gandhi International Airport at Hyd..Didn't see the complete Delhi Airport but with whatever this is my opinion
Saw Mummy Sis Hums crying at the Hyd airport, now it was papa's turn...
with the whole send off experience and till I boarded the DELHI-FRANKFURT flight, I bet any director will buy my script for a sequel of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham...In other words, I'd have never left India if I knew I'd get so many surprises and haha so many tears, pappis and jhappis.

I was supposed to take the DEL-FRA plane from Terminal-3; yes the newly opened terminal...Now the question was 'Can papa come till Terminal-3?' THE GMR bus would drop me till terminal-3, but only the passengers; meant papa can't accompany me further. There was no such moment I felt this sad, pity...we bribed the driver to let papa in...he didn't accept it..I knew this were the last moments with papa in India..he saw us... Indians...anything big than emotions and Love ..?No!He let papa in to the bus. We were so so happy! Papa kept saying 'I am a brave girl..' All the way in the bus I held papa's and in mine and my my head on his shoulder. Holding his hands I missed someone's touch...Mommy! I missed those cuddly soft hands...I heard something back my mind then..the kuch kuch hota hai's MAA tone(where the girl anjali's got to speak few words on 'Mother' in a competition..) Movies are not drama...they are real, each little thing inspired from real life.
Terminal 3: Papa will have to leave now, He did a bye bye, I warned him not to cry ..so he didn't the time spent in the bus till terminal 3 was enough to ward sorrow off.
He didn't go till I got my luggage checked in...we kept in touch on phone..he stood at the same get where we both got separated from each other...a security guard with a riffle in hand the big glass gate separating a daughter-father...Am I getting dramatic? My masters degree taking me aloof from all my loved ones.
I got my bags checked in I called papa, we waved hands; and when I called papa the next moment..It showed 'Unavailable' Papa's cell phones battery was dead. Mum, Sis and Farin kept bugging me on cell and all my balance ended there with the roaming on.

Immigration check and all formalities done...I went to the washroom..The cleaner lady there greeted everyone..'Namaste..' I talked to her for few minutes and told 'Aap akhri bharatiya naari ho jisse main India mein baat kar rahi hoon...'

Boarded the plane, thankfully I got an aisle seat..I came to know it that time, what an aisle seat means..sis explained me ten times...and when I boarded DEL-FRA and when she asked me 'did u get an aisle seat..?' I asked her what is it? ;P
Papa, Sis and Mummy called again when I was seated in the plane. Papa called from the telephone booths 5-6 times in a duration of half an hour..through Mum I came to know how much he walked for the booths and how a taxi driver gave him his phone.. :((
Nothing much on television I slept..I always fancied about the flights when JK told me about his hectic business schedule ones..Now I know what pain they are!Huh! The train experience and people on train, their spicy chats were much better than the 'mind your own business' passengers in the plane.
FRANKFURT Airport: I wanted to study in Germany, US was never a goal..I was happy that atleast I am getting to visit the country. And now..now! I HATE GERMANY! I hate those dehaati Germans who hardly understand english and shout shout bark at passengers.

Landed at 7:30 there and I was supposed to take the next flight at 8:10, good news was I had to board in from the same terminal but bad news was..my flight was Lufthansa under it written operated by United Airways so the flight number 'd change again and there was no help desk and the people I asked either didn't knew English or were shouting saying- 'I am doing my work here can't you see..' That was so rude. I didn't find that attitude at Indian Airports, infact the Indian crew there gave more importance to the foreigners. That's what you call 'Atithi Devo Bhava'..If any foreigner reading it..it means-'A guest is equal to God'

Incredible India!
With my trolley bag and leather jacket and bagpack I ran through the transits..I was sweating. A-60 was the gate..more big the number...more you have to run to catch the flight. I went to the gate and asked for a boarding pass...with only ten minutes for the plane to take off, the lady there started asking me n- number of questions..nationality..you carrying drugs which was all scary, adding to that the guy at the counter beside gave me the wrong boarding pass. I boarded the plane, asked the air hostess my seat number and seeing the boarding pass she replied 'this is not your boarding pass for this plane..' My face turned multicolored. I showed her my ticket and requested her that I wont get off from this plain what ever happens coz I have the ticket with me...Thankfully nothing more dramatic happened and I got a middle sit this time..in the mid row..which was ugggggh! Seven plus hours there and the next destination will be Chicago.
CHICAGO AIRPORT: Landed at about 10:30. The scenario at the Customs and the security check was like at our raithu bazaar(farmers market), people of different color, creed, country-blacks, whites and the brown dotted pink chicks :p..

+400 people at the customs check...And now starts the drama..Chicago being 'the port of entry'I was supposed to check in my luggage again. I went to the carousel searching for my luggage..and turning the horrible experience into a terrible one.. I found no bags of mine on the carousel. Some man showed me claim bag section, I told him that it was Air India's counter, he told me that missing baggage tracking counter is the same. Like a fool I stood in the queue for half an hour..and when my turn came the lady at the counter pointed her pen and said 'this is for Air India passengers only'.

One hour left to board another plane, luggage missing, no boarding pass in hand...and every gora saying 'I am not the right person you are asking..'
Thirty minutes left for boarding..Sticking to the lady at the baggage claim's words I forgot about the luggage..went to the security check in and the guard there told me that I am not allowed unless I have a boarding pass..Last time I was given the boarding pass at the gate :( I was asked to go to other terminal to get the boarding passes. Staff at the help desk busy with their colas chatting with each other..they told me its a self service at the other counter to get the boarding pass. I was already mad and now was asked to play with the machine. In that state of mind even dialing a phone number seemed as complex as understanding a JAVA program for an electronics student. A Indian crew member saw me struggling and helped me..some relief! I had the boarding pass..now again go back to the same terminal I came from for the security check..Queue again! I requested people and got in front..No time and they ask to remove the shoes too...huh! I was in now, in the safety zone..Find out the gate your plane is at..F-11. Wow!no A,B,C,D,E but EFFFFFF! Ran ran and ran again..I wanted to change my shirt..24+ hours and the same shirt, no brushing the teeth or washing the face. The last run was over and I was at the gate before five minutes....freshed up and the next priority was to call the family..took quarters(25 cents) from the man who was mopping the floor. Unlike India the greedy States Govt doesn't ISD service at the telephone booths..You got to buy an international dialling card to do that. Lootere saale, jahan se kheechni hai kheech lo!
So! This was my first International flights experience -NIGHTMARE!
I pray even the enemies don't experience anything like this..Not even Obama!

For Indians:
Pappis Jhappis
Lots of love
Nameera. ;)

Blog written: On the first night in USA, when I was experiencing Jet lag.

Monday, 16 August, 2010

Adios India.

I am going on a leave; leave from a peaceful king size life...

Sipping the morning tea with a news paper in hand, endless chat with Mom...I realize what all I am going to miss...(read sacrifice) :P
* First thing in the morning, looooo!
Resting in the washroom, knowing your sister is waiting for a bath the other side of the door.
* Chewing the brush sitting in the balcony...not leaving it till Mum brings the tea tray...(That's the trick you should play if you want to avoid making tea in the morning)
* Gossip!Gossip with Mom about Papa, bitching at Hums(Potter Sis) and my efforts of putting words in Mom's mouth ;lecture to bro on how brat he's getting day by day.
* When at home breakfast, lunch and dinner all are same...a dollop of Ghee and Rice and you are again sleepy at eleven in the morning.
* Lazy me wouldn't get time or see time for lunch, when hungry would go and pour cold milk in the mug and sip it glued to the system..eating Sis, JK and swappy's brains.
* Hums sitting with her lunch or post lunch plate and stuffing food in my mouth...(Me still glued to system) and she narrating what all happened in college.
* Me and Hums fighting on 'it's your turn to make the evening tea'.

There are many things I am going to miss...This was names sake bye bye post from India..
Will be flying at 07:55 PM  from HYD-DELHI-FRANKFURT-CHICAGO-DETROIT by Lufthansa Lufthans!
My first International flight...Hope I get good company and you readers get another entertaining blog like the last time when I was on train...

Reporting last from India.

P.S Don't worry I won't stop Blogging ;)

Saturday, 7 August, 2010


No! I didn't get my Graduation Cap and Degree Yet. But for I have completed  four big years of Engineering and got my results long longgggggg back as a faithful blogger who shared every important event of her life, I couldn't keep myself back from writing this post...
25th Sep-2006
Spoilt brat who thought would get a payment seat in  a Hi-Fi Vasavi or CBIT Engineering college was dumped into a Minority Women's Engg college. And it was this day(they said it was Orientation day, which I don't think was at all) I saw my college for the very first time, painted pink coz it was Women's and it's architecture somewhat like Minars or Tombs coz it was a minority(minority in A.P is  a quouta/status given to muslims). Papa was there with me, the moment I said 'this?' he was ready 'Kitna acha hai, Pink building..so big..coconut trees, such a nice climate...what else do you want? And moreover 'ONLY GIRLS' '

I saw few known faces, but they were not enough to lessen the grief in anyways...Papa was deep into the lectures of the professors. I couldn't control it more and in the midst of 300+ people I started crying...nobody noticed it, that's the good point or may be I didn't notice anybody noticing it...
With all fake enthusiasm I entered  the college at 7:45..the college timings as informed was eight to one thirty or two. All I saw in the college were few sleepy seniors...with oil in their hair and were not even sure about how to scare the newbie. I fought with a senior the very first day... Seniors-Juniors weren't  a big deal then, for the anti-ragging thing was full On...

We enter into the classes and reserve benches, i tried befriending few acquaintances and for the same wanted to reserve a bench for them too.. A fat chubby cheeks chick starts arguing with me..'First come first serve..yeh kaunsa rule hai? Your friends come late and you reserve place for them?'
Blah blah..we fought....I had to take a step back and  sit on the third bench...
That chubby Cheeks became a good friend after few days...she's 'Rushu..', Miss best smile of our batch..

On fourth bench sat a cuddly girl, Shilpi-Dilli wali, always sleeping...I never looked back coz I'd feel sleepy too seeing her..along with her sat a sad and tensed puppy-that's Uzma! Always tensed and confused.

The third day I see this girl accompanied by her sister(senior too) who missed/skipped the previous day's classes and enquiring what was taught and when told there were lots of assignments, she took a deep breath and said 'acha hua main nahi ayee...'
That's Keshu/Penguin, My Miss Right and Wrong...Anything I doubt and apprehensive about-She's the medicine.

A week goes by... and I see a newbie transfered to our college...hardly trying to mix with others and trying to prove 'Oh!I can be alone..I am a  superwoman and I don't care if you give attention to me..'
That's------Angel, Farin Angel.
Now a days we fight a lot so we are 'Tom and Jerry' now.
They were never ever interesting...In other words the faculty never tried making them interesting.
I hardly remember writing down notes..I used to nod my head and scribble in the diary with a pen which wouldn't write...yes with no ink in it or I used pencil coz I thought 'Why waste Pen/Paper', we also planned if the lecturer would ask 'why aren't you taking notes..?' we'd say'we are sisters..'(me and the ultra fair chick beside me)..
A lecturer once came and checked my bag to see how many books I carry...Thank God Sidney Sheldon was lying in my desk then.. :p

This is when I got the habit of reading...starting with Five point someone of Chetan Bhagat, Sidney Sheldon, the twilight boring series and many other authors now.
Will never forget How Shil and Uzma quarreled for the twilight books, how they bought the whole series putting their pocket money. :P

Can never forget how shil got caught every time she pretended writing notes while reading the vampire and other stuff...
Gosh! Ask me which software language are you good in?
No E-CAD/C/VLSI/Verilog. Technically what I learned in four years is nothing, absolutely zero.
The practical Labs were interesting...though half of the equipments were in  a 'to be repaired condition..'when we'd get to practice in the lab hours and a technician would repair them just before the practical final exams.Huh!
You'd get to see everybody flipping pages of N-number of readers, making notes. But Namz every time knew, even if she prepares for VIVA, the lecturers wouldn't question her the easy ones or even if she answer them right ,..it'd sound wrong to the them, may be this is every students psychological state of mind.
I remember one of the lecturers  saying ..'I'll give you a zero..Go!' in final external Lab. Oh!that was Udaya Lakshmi, terror for all the Electronics students...
Frankly speaking exams were never so handy! :P
Buy an ALL IN ONE/BIBLE(that's the name of publishers)..in simple words its guide for you...If you are going to write a 2010 paper look for questions of 2009, all you have to do is Love it sincerely for +24 hours before exams... and you are done, you'll pass with a 70% for sure... :P
That's JNTU.
And all you graduates passed from here...cheer here once 'JNTU Zindabad!JNTU Zindabad!'
Yes..Yes I know it only gave us a little more on our memos and zero knowledge. But when you are given a chance why not utilize it? We did it..completely.

Few things which I/We  did and can never ever forget...
Ran from college without taking a permission from the medical entrance..One of the lecturers saw me..and took me to H.O.D the next day, when the H.O.D asked me 'Where and why did u go?' I replied 'I have a seminar today and I wanted to prepare for it..' :P
I remember how everybody supported me, when i was taken to the H.O.D specially sweetheart Sabi(Class Representative) saying 'We all are there with you..don't worry'

It was in our second year when I took a half day leave and Keshu tried walking off from college too and the watchman  caught us. when raised questions I said 'She came to drop me..bid bye..' :P

Can't forget the N number of times we ran from the backyard of college..We ran hiding ourselves through a 2-3 feet long grass... not fearing of insects or any creature in there. Crossing that area when we'd find ourself on the main road used to be such a relief!

The way we studied for Exams, upstairs in the corridors, on stairs anywhere where we'd find peace to study.
The anxiety of the last exam to come soon...

All the cups of Tea's and bottles of Thums up, Sprite and Fantas...  wrappers of 'halke phulke potato chips' haha..
The endless hours we spent on the bus stop ...haaaaaa!

Ah!All those chit talks...between Me and Farin (Me on Last bench and Farin on First)..How can I forget I lost balance while picking the chit up and fell down from the bench in the middle of the class...
I still have few chits with me..

The way we wrote are final semesters exams-'MUTUAL coordination' is what we called it :P

There are many things to write...but these are the ones which even if I forget tomorrow the blog'd remind me...
College gave me few good friends who I wouldn't forget nor would they disconnect. And few other friends... best friends. People I befriended on net coz my college had less working hours..In short, the college wasn't all bad brought in new and good people in my life.

At last...I am dedicating this blog to all my buddies-Keshu, Farin, Sabi, Butool, Rush, Was, uzma and Shilpi and to all the E.C.E. 2006-2010 Batch mates...

Saturday, 17 July, 2010

Me- the special One.

Papa last night said-‘I’ll spend the whole day with you beta…we’ll do all the shoes n boots shopping..’

Someone got her F-1 VISA, who? Will let you know…perhaps, that’d be the next blog entry and the shopping has to be done coz there’s no way for poor dodo to stick on with her chappals abroad.

I wasn’t excited for the Paa company, coz you know Men!!!Hah! I have seen Bro and I have seen Jeejs too..it’s as if we’ll encounter an earth quake  if we don’t shop soon.

You readers must be laughing, at 22, girl talks about shopping with Papa. But  as I am very keen on Promises made/Word Given.. it does matter to me..and it’s not new..

The Last time Paa bought me something was a Citizen watch, when I passed my B.tech 2-1 Semester. Potter sis’s face went like a balloon then..and he bought a watch next day which was  + more times good than mine as Papa told Potter sis..you see the difference Gold stripes and Platinum stripes…no, Platinum/Gold doesn’t matter..what matters is when I secured  agood percentage why should someone else get the fruit..

Ttwo suits in 2008( Pink with bright blue buttons  and a green)Unfortunately it didn’t fit me and was given to  Perfect/made for only you younger sister(known to u as Potter Sis)
So that doesn’t count…The last time P shopped for me was two suits on Eid-2006( Green and Black which I still wear and Mom says it’s my Trademark  :P)

In 2004- Banglaore, when I met with an accident and was on bed rest, Paa said-‘ even you can wear it..’ when I said,’even I want the same…’when I saw him showing skirts and T’s for Potter Sis.

In 2003/02 when Sis was studying in Pune-Symbiosis when we went to meet her he promised me ten dresses in Bombay, but Mom thought we get much cheap and Best in Hyderabad…. everything can be cheap and best for Sis ,Potter sis, Mums bags everywhere. ya ya..If I have a good memory, there was a new member in family then, Chachu’s daughter and me being very selective my shopping list was pushed in the last and then Paa suddenly realized that it’s Winter and we should take winter clothing for the new born…
Before that was in class Seventh- My last Frock as a kiddo. I agree he shopped for me till I was in Class seventh..Frocks, Shoes matching Hair bands and Socks.
My account ends here.

The last time Pa shopped for Potter Sis was …
2010 July- first week, when everyone on phone were suggesting me to wear this that for my VISA interview. Pa came and handed over  ‘W’ stores cover to my sis, which my sis in turn gave  me thinking it was for me..haha
Last time he shopped for Potter Sis was every time she joined a new college…before commencement of every Academic..
Bags, Sandals, Clothes…

The last time Paa shopped for Sis..
You don’t know Sis..but he never shopped for anybody amongst us in home the way he did for you..
At the boots shop, he took your name first after Hums, me and So were just beside..
Every time he went to Bombay, the best textile of different colors and designs..
Frocks and her very first Jeans when we went to Shimla..

Yesterday, Paa gave Mom a Ten K and said ‘Shop for the shoes, I can’t come..you people do it in peace..’
Today while buying Luggage bags Mom inspite of my refusal asked Paa to come..and answer was the same…it’d take him time to reach the mall..

May be I am selfish, expect a lot but in the end I am a human being and we do need to the other side of the  coin..
Both the girls at home except me  have a perfect figure and a small size or even an M have much variety at stores…so may be I went unlucky here… :)

Aug-updated: Papa brings  a leather jacket couple of weeks ago in which two Nameeras would fit in.. :P

Monday, 14 June, 2010

I loved every bit of it :)

End of college, endless wait for the updates from universities..I wonder how one can stay back home or how can one practice patience? I can’t is all I know and everybody around me does.

This is the time when every engineering student stays back home, waiting for results, counting days for the semester to begin..Half of the people go to their hometowns and the others like us sit at home struggling with their siblings, yelling ‘subha se tumhi baithe huye hai system pe…’

Every time the break embarks I have it in my mind..-this time I’ll do something different! Cook, glass paints, Martial arts  :P Nothing escalates and I am left handicapped with the social networking sites. Before you say ‘Huh!’ stop! No they are not a waste of time always like Mom says.
Potter sis’s friend Monica came up with something good…A  group run by students called Street Cause needed volunteers. They were setting a medical camp in  a school and needed volunteers to aware people of the same in slums. And this was posted on Facebook..
This was something really exciting…something I never did.. with the same interest of serving people behind the  chopped ambitions of joining navy, becoming  a politician.. I was getting it do now.
Monica, Potter sis, Keshu and me registered our names..We were asked to volunteer in Banajra Hills.
8th June: Potter sis gave a hand..The indifference she wore was Pa’s anger at her unnecessary hangouts with friends. Huh! I was adamant about doing it, and once decided I don’t avert things. Sweet friend Keshu  and Mona joined..We were asked to halt at a a place and Manoj(the guy who posted it on FB) came and took us to the slums.
90 people posted ‘attending event’ on FB and they were only 12 members including us and the organizers there.

We were divided into teams, teams were divided accordingly..

One telugu speaking and the other hindi speaking partner. Major population spoke telugu there..I was sad that I don’t know much  telugu and that’d be a barrier in communication. Monica kept jabbering the same three four lines in telugu and I kept interrupting..with English words-free medical camp, free spectacles ..11th roju(day). Hearing it so many times then…after sometime even I started in telugu :P Each time we entered a house Monica asked ‘ Telugu aa? Hindi aa?’ She sighed each time they said Hindi…
At the doors sometimes dogs welcomed us and sometimes old women bathing kids…women sitting with open hair combing hair fighting lies.. :P
There were instances when we got scared of men too..An autowala followed us wantedly asking ‘I can also come?’
At a place a women listened to me quietly..I was wondering why is she not saying anything..then she started shouting ‘I can’t listen anything..you go ahead..’Other team narrated how they came across a AIDS patient and how people treated him..not touching him.
After tanning and sweating in sunlight for four hours day-1 ended.

9th June: My eye pained badly coz the previous night I watched Raajneeti late night on big screen.So, I couldn’t go..

10th June: After Mona’s much persuasion potter sis decided to come.

The slums on the other side had muslim people..Hearing syed nagar my eyes twinkled. It was my turn now to play the speaker. Mona and Manoj were spectators here.
Working in this area was painful than the Hindu basti(area with Hindu population). Safety  and hygiene was something badly sacrificed, Potter sis got a shock when she touched an electric pole. They were some houses where I  came back foot coughing  experiencing  nausea, coz they smelled that bad.  Cats  were scary  fighting for thrown mutton and beef pieces on roads.
While explaining them, I once said- ‘Checkup aankhon ke liye(showing teeth) and daaton ke liye(showing eyes)….’ :P
Muslim population was difficult to deal…many of the teenagers asking stupid questions just to pass time. So we winded up early.

11th June -THE IMPACT DAY.
The whole thing was sponsored by Deloitte. A blue parade landed on the camp site( delloite employees). We were left in  a corner in the blue cloud..but then we started inspecting how things were running much to disappointment the deloittes were disorganized. No volunteers positioned properly..then we two(keshu and me) took over the Dentist zone-me playing  a peon cum security guard with all the patients prescriptions, Keshu-pharmacist, Mona and humz stood at the entrance serving people water. The only thing delloites did was ran with aquafina bottles after the foreign delloite workers, may be sponsorers. I don’t understand why few people still love to lick the whites shoes..so what if they are the sponsorers..One of the white men said ’No I don’t drink warm water..’the Indian deloitte worker replied ‘Sir, it’s normal water..’
Huh!Angrez kab ka chodhh gaye..hum hi abhi tak baaz ni aye!
We had Rahul working with us one of the senior Deloitte worker, wee bit sane when compared to others there. Dentist was smart…I should have taken a picture with him..shahh!
Playing peon was fun, people tried flattery on me so that I’d let them in to the doctor first.. :P Every other minute people’d start fighting, break the queue and I’d then switch to a security guards role :P Lunch time and everyone ran..we didn’t go for lunch, we thought we’d eat together with  humz and mona who left for a mall in middle of all this.

Lunch time was over and Rahul came urged us to eat..we still didn’t eat..it was three then. Annoyed with our no’s he went and brought plates and food for us..It was a scene to watch all chicks staring..… :P
They started winding up things at four..but the dentist zone had so many patients left I didn’t stop taking the patients in, though they asked me to stop registering them. They closed their medicine kits and sat I went like a Jhansi ki rani and ordered them to give medicines..I can never forget that moment people holding my hands and thanking..

I never thought I’d feel this happy playing a peon and a security guard…
Thanks Street Cause & Deloitte ..

I got a Street Cause T-shirt too :)

Wednesday, 19 May, 2010

So much in a day!!

I've been waiting for something to happen..so that I can post it here...Everyone here knows that I write only when something jaw dropping, gloomy or blissful happens, coz like Sis and like other good blogger friends I don't know how to pen on and on and prove a point neither  I am a poet, painter nor  a cook :P

Coming to the point..I was waiting for something to happen, but something like this?Oh no!spare me please!

It's called 'Verilog' a programming language...which we hardly knew. last exam and I wanted to give my best, atleast not  a backlog..not once did it happen that it's my last exam and I didn't write it well...this way results tension always came along with the end of  exams..and so did it this time too..

I never faced such a paper, 8 questions, you know 1.5!!
Invigilator showed mercy and the exam hall turned all noisy..pouring water on my efforts to put something into the paper and atleast score a pass mark.
3 hours passed somehow and came the long waited end!

Forgetting the paper we enjoyed ourselves, for we'd not meet again, like this together anytime from now.
They tore papers, hugged and few of them cried-from the other batch the computer sciences chicks, we electros are strong, with a thousand watt of power in our friendship, which'd never end with the college.

The first person to call and congratulate was potter sis-Hums(whom I thought was mum,with so much noise around),then Orkut bhai Annu and then I called my sissy and then the last was Jeetu..

I took my cam to capture the last moments...we took loads of photos and as it was late  to go party somewhere, few of us went to a near by place and  celebrated it with cool drinks and pastries...!how can a naughty mind not use the cream?I applied all the cream on a friends face..someone on the tables said-'hey take a picture..'

Pastries were over,now it was time for pani puri!few of them unjoined...only three of us left.
Don't know for what reason I opened my bag..and to my horror my cam was missing!No!!
I kept whining,'it's gone...it's gone!what'll I tell mom now?'

Except how to find it, numerous ideas rushed into my mind..
-Someone snatched my bag and ran away...thank God I am safe!

-I forgot the camera  in the morning..I kept it on sofa..it's not here?the bai must have taken it :P
-Create a scene-fake drama in which the thief unscrew the windows grill and scatter all the things in room and also disconnect the L.C.D, but Oh no! I came while the thief was trying to take the L.C.D away, he kept it on the washing machine outside and ran away with what all he got from the room = camera from the L.C.D cupboard :P

-Forget about the camera..When it's absence is discovered-' what do I know?I didn't see it!'
learnt this from Jeeju, he gave me this tip when I broke one of my sissy's vase in B'lore :P

Other two friends of mine ran their minds on how can we get it back and I kept whining..
Keshu encouraged, 'Don't worry you'll get it back, and if it had to go..then we can't help it even I lost a cell..' Butool(B) said,'that was just a cell, this is a camera!!'
Bad exam, and a lost camera aggrevated the gloom...

Dialled to friends who'd help me accessing the bus driver uncles  number in which we came..Coz I vividly remembered keeping it in my bag after seeing the photos in the bus, and with all my senses present there was no thief around who'd have flipped it...

The only way to see the camera back was either in any of my friends bag or in the bus.
Both had zero probability coz no one took my cam, then I recollected-they wanted  a picture,when I was playing with the pastries cream..called all of them who were present there...but luck doesn't come calling every time.

Dialled the class rep and took the contacts of people who could give us the drivers uncles number..after few dials got the  number and he told us that the bus is kept in a garage and he didn't see any cam, coz he was the one who closed all the windows of the bus and parked it there.

I disconnected the phone, both of my friends were reluctant to get back home or see it tomorrow morning..
We dialled him again and I didn't talk this time B spoke and took the address of the garage, it was near a road which leads to airport..not much far though..
He said, 'you can't go there alone, its all dark and you also have dogs there.' hearing this all the horrified scenes came into my mind..a man following us with  a knife in his hand, a dog running after us etc;

The man agreed to come and we decided to go there..the moment we took an auto Mom called asking where I was, I lied that we are at Gandipet(water park near our college)and waiting for the buses.
I disconnected the call  to avoid her questions..
Potter sis called again and again shouting-'you know what's happening here in the city?'
two unknown men gunned down two policemen, and the city was on alert.
I again lied 'I have no battery in my cell..I'll call you soon.'

Reached the place..I was sure I wouldn't get it back..I had thoughts that the driver uncle must have taken it and only to prove his innocence tomorrow when we'd blame him of the missing camera from the bus he's coming so far for our rescue.
The auto fella said-21!I said' why 21?take 5*3=15!won't give 21..'he argued argued, I took out two tens and gave him..saying I don't have one rupee..he again started 'merko ek rupaiyya milta,tum woh bhi nahi dete?'
gave him a rupee..a rupee sounded so big then..with a camera of thousands gone a rupee would obviously sound big.

We walked to some distance, the driver uncle called again..I was sure now..he took it!he's acting helpful, only to save himself.
He was standing there with a torch in his hand..it was all dark, with few dogs around..not resembling the garage I imagined :P

I stepped into the bus first and then stopped..asked my other friends to go first.
We sat in the last third row..B saw it and screamed..It was lying there in the corner.

I jumped!jumped and kissed both of them...
I felt sorry about what all I thought of the man who helped us.
I don't know what'd have happened that night if I'd not have got it.

Thanks to both the sweet hearts and Driver uncle.

Sunday, 11 April, 2010

Those were the days....

Last days of my college..with the project's deadline on 15th,I've been working day in night out...though I didn't give my heart out in the project like the mini project,the project completion like always is a tedious job,specially when it comes to the documentation...

I know I'll fall asleep if there's no music's on..I avoided too slow music...and in the midst of the playlist comes this song-Maula mere from Anwar..and I stop working and come here and blog....

Recalling my first days in college...October '06
New people, new lecturers and with 7 subjects and 5 labs came lots and lots of assignments..the drawing Lab used to be arduous, a new assignment every week..maths was no less too..

So the time I used to complete these assignments was after ten,plugging in the radio.. people were not much into networking  those days,and something that took a toll in the city was the introduction of  new radio channels...People went crazy..children switching radio as soon as they're back from school(Even I used too), people driving to work,back home..,women cooking and lastly watchmen,  people on their night shifts and students like me..

We had these RJ'S Sameer and Chetan playing songs late night...I don't think I acn ever forget the way they used to say it 'suno sunao life banao...' it used to be fun, assignments on the other hand their P.J'S and music..music........it was this time I was mad,mad..really mad at this song, still I am!!The proof is the blog here...

I remember how I use to be hooked to the radio waiting for the song....my sister and I used to fight for the ear phones so much daily that papa bought us one more...

 Once it was around two at midnight..I completed my studies and wanted to listen to this number and I called the radio station...but the lines were busy..so I couldn't make it tried about fifteen minutes but..bad luck. :(

With the song Sameer and Chetan became favorite too...it was T20 world cup those days and they use to give the cricket updates whole night,poor fellas...every morning we used to discuss them in the bus and I used to sleep in the class,being up in the night late till 1-2:30. :P
I almost had tears on the last day of world cup...for we'd have no Sameer and Chetan whole night again...the demand was so much that they didn't take the show off air, it was only till twelve then...

Madness of Sameer and Chetan increased and we were excited to know how they look like?....The hunt was on..we went to the cafe to check if they had photos on their profiles,but no!
And then...one day my friend comes with a paper bag made out of a magazine...handling it carefully and there there was Chetan!He didn't look that bad..but girls.........!!ugh!
Later we saw Sameer too on Orkut.. heehehe he was a lean guy..
After few days   Sameer left the station...
I think Chetan's still on the job...it's been two years I heard him...

I never thought those days... struggling with the drafter and scales with the silly small machine playing music were actually so good!!
Today when I am  here.. writing this,having the choice to play any song I like any number of times..playing the same song almost the 21st time..  I don't get the same feeling....that happiness,that madness..
Coz there's no Sameer or Chetan, no assignments, no scales and charts,maths assignment and no radio!

Don't know where you both are..Sameer and Chetan,I was a big fan of yours and still I am....

Good old days I miss them...

Thursday, 25 March, 2010

I am A +ve (read positive)!!

Frustration,stress at its peak..life's been all of Sorrys these days....
Through this blog of mine I'd like to apologize all of them..who I've been rude to....

Ok...Chalta hai...just a gossip..
Me:Mummy,friend X's brother has bought an i phone lately and she says-'Bhaiyya ka phone use karte karte Mujhe touch screen ki adaat ho gayee..'
Fifteen days later:
Mum buys Nokia 5800-touch screen(No I didn't insist her to buy that..I told her to buy any 5-6K one..)

(Me sitting on the sofa watching TV with Mum..)
My younger sis:Mummy,using your phone,I got accustomed to touch screen.
***drops jaws*****

Ok..Ok...Chalta hai...atleast when it comes to Dhoni...or yuvraj or Srishant...or..or...
Bro preparing for his exam and me disturbing him with my IPL chat...
Me:Chennai Superkings lost again...Dhoni chala gaya hoga facebook per update dene...
Bro laughs with no comments.(Pat would have come the reply if it was Srishant or Yuvi)
Me:Before he used to say only facebook facebook..now Twitter,Orkut every social networking sites tune he's singing...if he'd have concentrated on the game,they'd have won.saw AIRCELS new add?
Bro:Poor man,he's just advertising for that...doesn't mean he's always on facebook/Orkut.

Ok...Ok..Chalta hai...you are in a bad mood...
Bro:What are you texting since so long..?
Checks my sms and says-'smsing or mailing?What are you texting..?'

Me:Keshu's coming tomorrow after a month....I have a surprise planned for her and I asked this friend of mine to help me and she says-'you tell everything at the last moment'.
I scolded her badly and so is the Sms about.(with a wide smile and  a feeling of acheivement).

Bro:What's great in that?It looks bad...when you scold friends..as if showing attitude...lowering them,pretending-you work,care more than them....

The way bro said..I didn't really mean making my friends feel something like that...
Some times you don't see what others feel...Option A or Option B you want to vent out all the frustration, you need a punching bag..and you start...And it's always been the same with me..Everytime.

I felt ashamed and proud at the same time for the way my younger brother looks at life...

So.. from now on...nahi chalega!nahi chalega...!

I remember last year on my birthday,mid night..I recieved the most unexpected calls...and it was then I wrote in a novel which I was reading-'All are good...I am the only one who thinks negatively about everyone...from now on I take an oath 'I'll abandon pecimissm and sadism...'

Ah..ah that was a birthday...so I am given other chance no?

Tuesday, 16 March, 2010

This will pass too...it did!it was big!

She's coming tomorrow!She's coming tomorrow..
A month with out you......so big....arduous..gloomy..lost!!
If I am given a chance not to live any part of my life,it'd be this!not exaggerating....

16th Feb, 6:59pm
Thanks for the help today. Dont know what i'd do without you. Thanks for being there for me always. I will miss you and love you.
We were together the whole day, almost all the time winding up things- the paper presentation, seminar and other stuff that'd satisfy my H.O.D's hunger,for she'd leave tomorrow, leave for a month!!! For a holiday to London. Didn't know how to react, happy for her or sad for myself and the other friend of mine, or feel J!

17th Feb, 12:19am
I'll miss you too so much.
I don't think i can ever forget this night...for it was the worst night of my life till now.......

Fought with my sister I went upstairs in the room to sleep, tried reading, Couldn't! If I ever get a chance to take an avenge.. making my sister read a stupid novel, I wouldn't let the opportunity go, cause she did- made me read Christopher Pike's- See You Tomorrow. With already much confusion in life author made things so weird- girl meets boy, boy thinks he's seen the girl before.girl after a month says-"I am your future."' Ugh!!

Went into the balcony, poor mosquitoes didn't know what I was going through, so they carried on their usual task of sucking blood.. I killed each of them and played with their legs..venting my frustration.
Every time I feel low, I call either of these 3 people- Annu, Jeet, Sis.
Didn't want to call Annu, he's been busy with shifting his house that he forgot replying to my SMS!
Called JK, poor man just got down the flight, so thought troubling him'd be a bad idea.
Reluctantly called sis, wondering if I'd disturb Jeeju. Sis didn't take the call. I roamed all around the house up, down. Went into the balcony again, went into the kitchen! Again came back to the room- saw sister's missed calls. I dialled her back, she was in chennai (office trip) thank God jeeju didn't come to know about my sleeping disorder.
I tried pretending that I wasn't sleepy, simply... she tried getting things out of me by her 'kya hua beta..' tone.. but even I didn't know what was happening.. there was no one thing that I was confused/ worried about.. And keshu leaving added onto it badly.
Sis gave me a concentrating exercise- take air inside your stomach and leave it bit by bit in seven steps.. which worked surprisingly, driving me to sleep.

 I woke up around 4:40am to call her, but she already boarded the plane.The flight was around 3:50, I woke up around 4:40, reached the phone if I could call her..
17th Feb,3:48am
I am in the plane, hope you're feeling good. Missing you guys.
That was the last message I received from her.

Its a month today,she left us,a month after the disastrous,gloomy night...
I am accustomed to see things without her, but can't say I'm not missing her..

-We wrote our internal exams without her for the first time, missed the time we spent chatting, and in figuring out all the ways to run away from exams..
-Didn't go to canteen since you left..
-Didn't eat pani puri near sharma xerox..
-My cell phone's charging remains full for 2-3 days..
-Together we were jerks watching flicks on HBO....Now,guess my reflex arc doesn't react to humor without you..
-Holi colors are kept in the store room, waiting for you..

p.s it's been  a month this draft's been lying..I know people out there must be thinking-'both the things should've been written seperately..a freiend who left & a nightmare..but you see both of them struck me at the same time..so..and I got no time to write 2 separate blogs for only two three  readers out there... :P

Wednesday, 17 February, 2010

Its The results time!!!!

15th Feb..
Two of my friends Paper presentation tomorrow..and I thought I shouldn't go sleep at home like a jerk!So..we went to our friends place and started work..Aunty who always urged us to eat!eat wasn't there at home unfortunately...
We started work..the date of PPT was given months ago but you see students 'born to be lazy attitude..'

We were rushing things and suddenly comes the phone of 'we fought last week we aren't much talking now' friend,I was surprised..why did she call..we haven't been talking much those days.This is the same friend who gives my result every time..It's been 4 years and not once did I see my result with my own eyes.I thought she always gave good results, so tell-a-result job was hers!always!

She said,'Results are Out!'
I always got my results when I am at home.I started wondering..What!Now?I am at someone else's place..I don't want everyone to hear a bad news.

Every time she gave me the results directly,this time she says 'I passed,server's slow..I'll let you know yours..'
University's official site hangs server at times like this..
We tried,tried from our place..I already told the two of them that..leave my results,I am unauthorized to do that.The lucky pigeon would give the good news..u see :P

We stopped working and I sat praying loudly to God..saying-'please God!please..'in my most annoying tones.Other friend played snakes on her phone and another was glued to the screen waiting for the site to display results.

Meanwhile,messages poured in-see my result too!What about my result..I too irritated my friend messaging,calling her every 1 minute 55 seconds.And she always sent a busy tone.

Phone rings!Tring!Tring!
(Not tring tring,my favorite,lucky(I believe) Harry potter tone,which I didn't change past one year)
She tells the same thing again..site's not working properly..I'll let you know.

I kept crying-'Mujhe last year me fail ni hona..main kya face dikhaongi apna agar kuch hoga toh..' and all..I shoot all emotional blackmail dialogues at times like this..coz I feel God's got Power to change things..Here they say-'A leaf wont move without Allah's wish'
so..You see ..I always try to patao God at the last moment.

Phone rings!
Pigeon says-'You Cleared them all..pass!'
I drank the glass of water which I kept aside saying, 'I wont drink it untill I hear my results..' :P

Then I again asked,if I really cleared all of them,Every time its the same fear..it's been three years,but our lecturers so much scared us saying,'Expect the Unexpected from JNTU!'
And ya..ya..they said it true.
The pigeon said 'You scored 75%'
This one's the highest %le I scored ever till now!I donno..I didn't feel that great..Coz there's much to be achieved,still...other than numbers on my memo sheet.

Ahem!Ahem!Other two friends of mine also cleared all their subjects.

I reached home about ten..and slept!It wasn't like any other results day.All so not happening.

Yesterday..I bunked my classes,you see friends PPT.
I came across one of my lecturer whose class I bunked,I ran out of her sight..
I got to hear from someone that the same lecturer was inquiring about me.My face changed color.

Another lecturer in the class,during attendance..
She started the roll call..my roll no.. Roll no 28!
I answered present..she raise her eyebrows and and said-'Heard you topped in EMI..'
I:I donno...mam I didn't see my marks yet.
She Shook her head in despair 'What men!You donno..'
The back benchers after me muttered-'yesterday mam was asking about her...she wanted to accolade her..'

This was the same lecturer from whose sight I ran yesterday,bunking the class.

I was shocked..EMI was the one in which I thought I'd flunk.And I remember I cursed JK coz he wished me luck before this exam and it went bad..and since then Whenever JK wishes me luck..I say,'Ho gaya satyanash..tu kyun bola best of luck..' :P

I felt great...!!great...marvellous!I felt a bit more like zero after a long time..long long time..

Thanks!thanks ..thanks Mam for letting everyone know that I topped.Though I wonder what she might have gossiped!She never concentrates in the class..how she might have topped?She never writes with a pen,how did she top?Or She never took my notes how she topped? ;P

Friday, 5 February, 2010

Where did you go??mm :O

Swapnil always wrote..'imagine you sitting on a camel and writing a blog..'
He said this when i told him about our trip to..to..to...ah..it was supposed to be Ajmer and Jaisalmer and Gurgaon..but...

22nd Jan-5:30 am:
Me flipping through tickets at the railway station.."Mom the tickets we have are of 23rd and its 22nd today!look"(showing the cell for date).
potter sis-"these are Agra to Ajmer tickets..stupid!"

There's no train for Ajmer directly..so you gotta halt at Agra and then go!Actually!halt at Agra and waste a day and go!
Mom-"Agra ruk hi rahe hai toh dekh lenge na Tajmahal..jab summer mein kahan kuch dekh paye the."

Mom had her plans of feeding all those bhookhe bhaiyye's waiting to lotofy tourists..
coming back to the station..
Train was as scheduled,thank God!
Loser Guy!
Just before the train starts,me and my sis having a conversation on the platform.She was arguing why Mom booked A/C tickets in winter,from somewhere came a man and interrupted-"train delay hoyegi na tab pata chalega.."
Asked our names,had a normal conversation with him..he came to see off his family.we boarded the train.Each taking a different side of door in the train.
My sis said 'that man looks strange!'
(sis waving at him,making a question mark face..)
We changed our positions.
Man gesturing me 'phone number!phone number!'
I said 'no thanks..'to sound as if he's giving me his,not asking mine!Clever no? :P

After a minute I realized he wasn't waving bye to my sis..he was gesturing phone number!!We laughed and laughed and I think this is the last place I am discussing it here..Told this to everyone.
Loser!came to send of his family!huh.wonder how people can be that bad!

Gossiping Aunties!
Everyone in my compartment slept and I wanted a passage seat,I went sat in one in other in the same boogie.
I saw a man running here and there and blabbering-'Ek minute chup ni baithti..bhagvaaan...!!'
I looked around,only to see a couple of aunties gossiping.
Poor man sat opening his lappy with big head phones on!
Aunties were a big time pass,they never stopped..they talked about every lady in their society.I'd have written their names if i had a paper I thought. ;P

Nagpur came and the train was filled with all North Indians. North Indians!North Indians..what can I say..if i start writing it'd take me a blog and I have NI's in my followers list so they'd sue me of joining the creed of Orange parade.

Thanks to Mayawati!She've so properly decorated the nations heritage with open sewage lines welcoming the roads and the streets playing independent homes of pigs,buffaloes,cows and horses.
Heard about Tourist places increasing our economical status,but how?got to see it now!
Hey!!We bought boots from here!(the only thing i bought in the whole trip plus the key chain from delhi :P)
Saw Taj mahal and Agra fort.
Don't ask me about how great it was!I've never liked visiting historical monuments,specially when you are asked to play a guide showing Charminar,Golconda fort every now and then guest comes to your house.
Our train to Ajmer was delayed for eleven hours,due to fog!
Stuffed a note of 500 and the T.T allowed us to travel in other train to Jaipur.

Miss's Cell phone and her poor boy friend!

We sat into the Jaipur train.
A girl in a black Umbrella frock(that Umrao jaan type dresses :P)and Jotis,Robin Sharma's-A monk who sold his Ferrari in hand stepped in..showing it to the adjacent seat fella saying'waise toh main books padhti nahi..yeh kahin dost k yahan padhi thi..so socha abhi continue karloo!'
She sat took her phone and T.T came alloted us our births..we adjusted ourselves,I read for sometime and donno when I slept..during all this the girl kept kept kept talking with her boy friend.
I felt like yelling-"please stop!You are being charged for roaming too!"
Wonder how the man on other side tolerated.Oh..they probably were in love,so where comes tolerance?
Story doesn't end here..Jaipur comes early hours 4:00 hours-our halt.And she again starts on phone!
God!I can never forget her face!
We sat in a local to Ajmer then!The Compartments stinked!Ewww!We all slept.I was woken by 'pardesi pardesi jana nahi.......'Yes!these were people from Kishangadh playing music on loud speakers on their China phones.

24th and 25th:
All the auto fellas sang the MP Sachin Pilot's song here..'Hyd to Ajmer direct train nahi hain..Sachin Pilot ji kar denge..'
The place was 60% better than Agra.
Mum promised that she'd visit the place,if what she prayed was given(Mannat in simple terms).So she wanted to show here.
Again looting people in the name of maintaining Dargah!Throwing visiting cards with addresses to post money.
I felt bad..seeing the ways people earn.
(I apologize here,if i've hurt someone's sentiments,but that's what I observed.)

Went to Jaipur in a local bus from Ajmer.Sis and Jeejs joined us there,they came in their SUV all the way 250+kms from Gurgaon to Jaipur.
People'd kill me if I say"there was nothing to see in Jaipur..' :P
Pa and Jeejs said so!Lazy people making excuses,willing to stay indoors.
There we went to Choki Dhani a Rajastani village resort.The main thing why people come here is,they are served and served food like Rajas Maharajas(Oh..both means the same :P).
Eh!sad thing 'shudh shakahari'(pure vegetarian).And sad thing again all kinds of Rotis,No rice :(
The south Indian Rice stuffer was bored! :P

27th,28th and 29th:
We headed for Gurgaon......
I never thought a place in India like Gurgaon exists.Till this point of my tour I always felt-ah!!Hyderabad is best!Agra,Ajmer,Jaipur are like Villages.I was taken aback here!
Seeing the roads,the buildings I thought...mm..I live in a village?

The feeling has to be a special one,when you visit your married sis's home for the first time.Indeed,it was!
Jeej's introduced every little thing.
We kept seeing things and he kept saying'poocho poocho,aur q'ns poocho!'
From a pen to a book,every photo!He answered all the jasoos questions of his saalis.Home meant food!food and food and that's what we did ate!ate and ate!We were here to see Delhi too though.
We only had India gate and delhi heart in our share with the little time left.

The trip more than seeing places was observing people. only thing I enjoyed was different people...and Sis's place obviously!

Sorry all you readers kept you waiting..Lopa,Tangy and all others who didn't make an effort to comment-'missing you.':P
Love you all...