Wednesday, 16 December, 2009

Cutting?Passing?Wasting time!!

Everything’s been so boring these days...nothing much is the blog today.Past few weeks have just been like play,stop!play stop!Like running the same cassette over and over can take it as cd if you want..(i know it wasn’t that funny).

It’s raining fasts in AP these days, thanks to Sonia gandhi that i didn’t mention Telangana here..The separate Telangana moment, nothing but the change in headlines of news papers, deaths of a few innocent people..publicity to the evil drama king KCR, his son and lime light for few of the long slept MLA’s..nothing else!Ah...Nothing else?nothing else?? Pour a tumbler of water on your face lazy!!ya....this laziness is the aftermath of what i’ve gone through all these days..what happened?oh..what didn’t happen!!

It’s been a long long longgggggg time I went out for shopping...The tickets we booked for Paa’s show, the show got cancelled..EXAM POSTPONED !!twice thrice,everyday!!and its on 2nd of jan now, means don’t celebrate!You have to study,drop all your plans till 2nd!! why does this happen to me only? :(

So..I was telling what lazy me’s been upto.. running..running in the morning and then doing some exercise not lying on the yoga mat and sleeping ..ah..I donno what cloud of sadness has been over me it was day before yesterday that i was working out and suddenly this song played on my dvd kal ho naa ho...and I never listen to sad numbers coz i start crying if I do so..but donno..I felt like crying,crying this I didn’t change it, cried cried for what? For I had nothing to do?For I had enough time to cry? : P Arey....!!I cried coz SRK was dying.... :D hmm..i cried coz i was bored! :D hmm..ok ok!i cried coz its good if you cry sometimes..simply for no reason!And then I try to figure out why my lacrimal glands started shedding fluid, then the first and only vision I get is of my sis, I donno if it comes to put a stop on my tears or it’s coz I miss!i don’t miss her..We talk almost daily!may be she comes to put a stop on them...coz ders no such grief for which I ‘d shed tears! thanks to God..Hmm..and on the next number I danced danced :D Then hot hot tea!!thanks to God,i don’t have to do all on my own..and then mast breakfast! then Ma Pa rushes to office putting us under house arrest saying..their’s fuss in the city beta,don’t go outside it isn’t safe!Even after everything's clear,all fine!huhh!Till then I eat my sis and my other online pals heads...Social networking sites were never my cup of tea,since hue left I rarely use orkut and I never liked facebook,dont know for what reason,may be coz I don't get a chance to spy there or may be coz of its boring format!!boredom led me to use facebook too or should I say playing on facebook...the Farmville!what boring game it is!And i wonder, how people play it big big farms..God!My sis and my bro’s too addicted to it now a days.poor people under house arrest we resorted to farming :P

Thanks to HBO and star movies it lessened my grief...I saw the stupidest movies I ever imagined I’d see- Tinker bell,Wanted,Dev D :P,Tum mile,All the best.The only ones I liked were Twilight(I didn’t read the book,so it wasn’t bad for me),The ugly truth and I wanted to see Ni-shabd- from-many-days-its-buffering-now! :D what else can a useless person do??God!!This all scares me of becoming a jobless and of becoming a house wife! :P How do they pass time??

Ah..another thing i’ve been doing..this again brings me to the sad sad mood..I couldn’t finish P.S i love you,since 2 months..!!ah..i read it daily on bed, and not more than a page am asleep..that too deeply!!That sad and boring it is,finally I got rid off the book, how?I saw the movie!!ting!ting!!hahhaha!And now,i’ve started reading Morning Noon and night by Sidney ,the events in this book takes place so quickly that I feel i should return to P.S.i Love you again.. :P .My taste in books too has changed I guess,or I don’t even know what to read? Haaaaah!

Donno why Sis too started writing all sad sad blogs like a sad puppy and one of my favorite blogger Amith,he stopped was all sad sad...That’s it!that’s how it went..all these days..

Ah!Nishabd is almost buffered,I’ll watch it before the power woooosss..ok!

Friday, 27 November, 2009

For the sake of.....

Comments on last blog are enough...It's been so long i blogged..and everyone around are bored seeing the same blog on my page(including me) a new one!like every time i have nothing to describe,give views on a particular one's gonna be random like my sister does,ranting on and on..on all things she come across whole day :D
Exams!Exams!Exams!They got postponed so many times that if i'd have made an entry on every time it got PP'd my number'd have reached 40+ from!they started from 16th only...16th to 20 was hectic!very hectic one exam after was like padho!ya maro! and then..5 holidays for next exam another 5(now)for next and..more 13 for the last one!JNTU zindabad!They changed the schedule for CAT delay would fetch no good to geniuses like me.
Hmm...I always thought,why's mum like this-gardening,cooking cooking,feeding us every time the same way like we wouldn't get anything to eat afterwards..,Sis joined the same category..Mom always nagged-don't know what she'll do away from home(though it's a different story today that when I praise sis,she says 'I always knew-my sincere beta!") :P..Sis joined the same category.

  • Took jeejs to some nursery for buying plants.
  • started Knitting.
  • She starts cooking quick after she comes from office(I refused to agree,my bro told me so ,when he went at Sis's place to Gurgao!)
  • She's fond of money plants.(Mum must have told dhan ayega!)
  • She've suddenly started liking Govt servants.(here she became wiser i think)
  • Feeds hubby like hubby didn't eat since donno how long(Jeeju,nothing towards you ok!)
I've observed only this things..
And..and..and..i already told you that this post'd hold all random things..
Hmm...The scooty(kinetic flyte) sissy sent me,I am unable to drive that!!grrr!!I always said my friends"Huh!Nameera,wont learn driving a scooty or anything,ok?directly four wheeler!"And I also tried learning a car ..then I thought,If i'd start driving on roads,fear of riding a four wheeler would go and then i can learn four wheeler easily.But now! :(
I bought red chappals too,to match it!My tagheuer red frame to matches it.(Yes!I took the frame into my hands and saw the spelling of -tag-heuer!)The same frame is worn by SRK you know...when i told the same thing to Pa,he scolded why do you have to compare yourself with a man dancing on roads!(hawww!!SRK look what papa said).
Spelling mistakes remind me...I forgot the spelling of-receiver,absorption,center and at times while writing I was confused if to use their or there during the paper!I felt so shamefull seeing small Darsheel(taare zameen par fame kid)doing an add of spell a bee! :(
I don't have anything more now...!!
This post was only to save my record of posting things every month,not for all you desperate readers like I said at the top of my blog! :P

Friday, 30 October, 2009

Not a penny less,not a penny more!!

The moment I came to know this I logged in for a new entry...what could it be??heehee..!!Exam's postponed,the one tomorrow..sigh of relief..but getting in sync again with the exam atmosphere after 2 days would be again a head ache!What I say,when it comes to exams is "its a passing phase and let it go as soon as possible,regardless of what performance you deliver." :P

I've many times made an entry on exams postponed!!yipppeee!!buut its not the same today,come on now how many times do you expect me to blabber on the same thing?So..I wanna tell you something that happened today.

*********People reading this blog might be earning in 6 digits but they'd definitely know the value of a stiff 10 and a five coin lying in the corner their pocket..***************

Exam time,2 exams a day-4 in two and the remaining two alternate I would have sat preparing for the test tomorrow instead here...ah..coming on today,past two days have been very hectic,it felt as if I was born just to study..nah!nah!I am not that studious,I felt that only coz we had two exams a day..Ok!I think you are convinced now how tired I was past two I'd tell you about today...actually nothing for which you'd say-hawww!awww!!happened.

We were returning from college to home,I travell by RTC (the local bus service in the state)..I was happy that unlike yesterday,we got the bus early and I'd reach home early by 5,but what I'd do before 7(I start studying at 7)..sitting idle,my mind would run in this that corners,distracting me from studies..."No!you wouldn't reach early by 5,"said my bag which fell down the bus(i kept it on the engine..remember..exams,,it was heavy to carry on my kept it on the engine).Their was a steep turning,and it fell down..the dog!buswalla stopped after shouting stop!stop!..Loser he said"bag gira toh main kya karoon?"My friend ran down to take the bag,I ran after her..the bus moved away leaving us behind :( Meanwhile,two three bikers stopped and took my bag..Now what? We are left with no bus and the next stop is more than a 1.5 kms away and no bus would stop in the middle for us,adding more to that I had great 15 large bucks in my bag and the friend of mine left her bag in the bus.The route by which we travel is a highway kinds..big road,fast moving vehicles..The other side of the road was under we chose that path to walk,greater than 1.5 kms stretch!!!!We could see the church's cross mark far their at the next stop...I thought if we'd get water here somewhere...and I saw a boy carrying a bottle,uhhhh..their was a water tanker waiting at a distance!I said"paani peene ka mazaa aur ayega,if we run and go..lets run,"we ran and for the first time,I drank water from a water tanker...heehee I suddenly remember my mom saying.."eeks donno,how old the water in the tanker may be,with what all insect their in!" and the next moment i spitted out the water :P

Walking,walking...I saw a juice stand..we thought,we'd buy only one..I asked him and he said-"mosambi,15 rs!"...with a wide mouth we said "kya?"and moved on...oh...i never felt so poor,we realized what a glass of mosambi juice means,we'd just gulp it not even looking into the glass..and today,we didn't even get the glass to see!!Every pillion rider stared at us,as if we came from some other planet!
Finally,the bus stop came and we stood their..hiring an auto was no option in that area and going by a private bus meant more again waiting for the local buses was the only option,the tickets would cost us 10 bucks till home and remaining five...hahhh!!remaining 5,their comes a jaam wala on the other side of the road,we crossed the road and bargained their too..we chose two guavas he said one for 2 rs,the other for 3,we told the guy that,no bhaiyya,we don't have money..and the poor fella gave us two in 4 rupees!!yipppeee!!!!
The guava was almost completed and the bus came..I can never forget that sight..we standing,guavas in hand in front of a mandir(mandir and church opposite to each other)Kali mandir it was...all the ghantas and bhajans going...people looking at us like weirdos !!Heehee!!

The whole movie took place for 2 hours and I was home by 6:15 like yesterday again,giving no chance to my mind to deviate! :P

Lesson learnt:will never keep my bag on the engine... :P

Saturday, 3 October, 2009

Tomorrow!!Paper boats??

Rain Rain go away come again another day,
Not so little Nameera wanna celebrate her Birthday.. :P

Thanks!Thanks its a good one I know..

Gosh!!I remember When our Chief Minister passed away,last month,everyone cried saying.."now no rains..he was our good luck charm .."
The day he passed away they said"the sky is crying.."(Ok..I've got nothing to ठेस पोह्चाओ anyones sentiments with this..)
How they cursed Chandra Babu Naidu,coz it didn't rain during his tenure..
Oh..birthday blogs got nothing to do with deaths..oh..oh..ok!!

So..water on tomorrows birthday plans has already been its heavily raining here..whole A.P is flooded and my parents feel that i'll get drowned if i go out to back at home and making happy birthday boats and floating it in the water outside the gate would be the scene think I am gonna do that??dont worry..I'll let you know how it went,for now will take you to my last birthday come....

As it clicked 12..not so welcomed school friend of mine sms'd me,called me too but I didn't take her call..I know I know I am bad..(but why I am bad..will let you know in my friends blog..which will come soon when i don't get anything to blabber).Messages poured and poured,this was my first birthday with my own the experience was a very new one..
The biggest surprise was the innumerous graphics ppl pasted in my scrap book,Orkutians never stay behind wishing one on a was quite happy to see so many birthday scraps in my Scrap book.
Birthday plan was nothing in particular,i just wanted to spend time with loved ones so..I and my sister went to pick two of my very best friends ..where I was pampered,gifted and all the special and all..and then we went to a mall..a very Hi Fi one,here you can only lotofy your parents,spending your own money,no ways!so..I remember I liked a silly bracelet of Rs 200,I just wanted to buy it,so I said my sister"I'll pay for it now,but I want it as a gift from you,you'll pay me back home no?"She very sincerely nodded and hey she still didn't pay me,thats what you called self gifting!! :D

Then we lunched in a vegeterian restaurant,we were quite hungry so we thought pizza and all wont time meals you see .. not thali..we had aa...some Pulao and ice cream was awesome..mmmm!!
There had been many birthdays but I was never showered with so many calls and messages so..this birthday in a way was a very special one!
Then we returned home and Pa said "we are going out for dinner.."And I don't remember whose flop idea that was--eating authentic Rayalseema food!God,we tried four dishes and every time it was the same..each dish tasted as if they grounded all the chillies Rayalseema had and poured into the chicken!It was horrible!!The restaurant was called"Rayalseema Rochulu.."heehee..

There was no cake only!I am not that crazy about cakes,but birthday cake is a birthday cake,
Coming to this year,I thought I'd celebrate four days..starting from thursday..but on thursday when I reached home I saw my sister lying on bed sick,so i did laundry(Bai washes no clothes, 1100 just for the other house hold chores).Friday I thought come on!even you might get a wake up call watching this..Go,watch it..I saw wake up sid,with my college friends..same old concept there was nothing which could inspire me to wake up..Saturday,today..its raining heavilyy..and I am here blogging!!

And tomorrow..Paper boats may be... :D

Thursday, 1 October, 2009

Ting Ting!!Attention Please!!!

Ting!!Ting.."Attention please....."(if you didn't get it that was the litany one'd get to hear on Airports,railway stations and I love it).Whose going where?No I am not going is the new blog entry...

JK started for a holiday today, the flight was at 10:15 and from eight till ten,the only lines hammering my ears were these "Ting..ting!ting ting!..attention please!","Namaskaar!"

I bugged my friend the whole day that,even i wanna go on a holiday ..even i wanna go on one!!

It's been so long we've been on a holiday..being to a station was always so much of excitement ..and still is..but now ,no holidays ,no plans,no tours!I was discussing the same with Mom and mum replies"You ppl are grown up now beta.."

I remember,when I was a kid.. I always craved for more relatives only cos we'd get more places to go..and we didn't have many... so.. :( I remember,how our tours were planned all before exams, so that we don't feel that incompleteness,that emptiness among us..Pa,Ma has never let us feel so..there was always a trip ready waiting for us after exams..where my friends would narrate us their Grannys and Mammas fights,we used to tell them about our trips...I remember how I envied them(They envied us too secretly.. :P).I always thought I've been missing so many things...those joint family fights,the big dinning table unlike a 6 chaired one :D
But how things change?I don't feel the same now...I miss those sudden trips planned by Papa..hahha..I can recall..We used to sit watching T.V on a weekend waiting for Pa to come and from somewhere he gets a Sumo saying"Hey!pack your bags..we are going..."
I remember how Pa used to stare at us trying to find out that happiness..that excitement on our faces which normally the other kids wear while traveling..and We use to wear that same normal look..cos tour was no big deal..we used to go after every quarterly,half yearly exams.... And suddenly you grow up..and you have thousand reasons for not going on one..every other day anyone among three of us would have exams,Pa and ma's biggest excuse-Office!!
Things change so rapidly..No things don't change.. With my limited knowledge,it's a human tendency to run after things they don't have..and when they are don't care..and when they are not you cry..the way I did squealing like a mouse ..whole day!!
Why did we grow up?It was so nice when we were kids..every other day Mysore,Ooty,Manali,Bangalore,Goa,Bombay..I miss it all..!!and as far as i remember its been five big years I traveled out of Hyderabad :( ..sacrificing which I got a seat in an Engineering college(which's not even worth all the sacrifice!)and at the end of this year would get my certificate too..

At last..
रात गंवाई सोय के, दिवस गंवाया खाय ।
हीरा जन्म अमोल था, कोड़ी बदले जाय ॥

Exactly the right conclusion..but what is -कोड़ी बदले जाय ॥ :P
Ok..simple English words..."Live every Moment,not envying others...!!"

Monday, 24 August, 2009

The Mini Project!

Caution:This might be boring!
I don't think I'll have to give a brief account of what a mini project is..
For those who donno here it is.. :P a tit-bit!We are given a small assignment called a mini project in our third year of four years of our study..and this mini project can be anything in electronics or communications..(our options to choose:embedded,VHDL,DSP)so,both the departments got the internal guides dealing with the subjects..It's a rule that if you choose this you cant choose that in your major project.The nightmare was Udaya Lakshmi(yes you roll no 28 fame) remember?,she'd be dealing with one of the option and for I am her favorite student me and a bunch of my friends very well knew she's gonna twist us in the majors if we opt the option she's dealing with! or then..we have to deal with her,so we decided we wont let our majors marks effect coz of this devil,we'll take VHDL(dealt by her)
in our Mini project.That's it!

It's a rule that you gotta do your project in some institute outside the college and present it.Lecturers hardly intervene in which institute you go for and all...but Lakshmi had to interfere she suggested us some institute 25-30 kms away from our place..and we like losers did go to the same insti!The institute director was in touch with Lakshmi and he was 10 times more cruel than this evil lady!trust me,really!I just don't rant like this...Did I ever?bitch/rant..?no!na?
The institute was hardly of any help,we had to go through net and all..for the project's documentation.The term Project was obviously new and the thing to search on was very much"Advanced Encryption Standard(AES),"heard it anytime..?It deals with Encryption(hiding)of your data.

Documentation and all was done.Now comes the internal guide part,the guide's gotta check if your project is presentable to the University.The lady every time wanted us to make changes font style,margins this that...MS word became a nightmare,I remember I fought with my bro,"why did you install a newer version,i am used to 03 version of Word!Why did you install 07?" :P
Every other day my friend and I would sit opening Word.My parents doubted if I am capable of doing anything... :P The printouts shopwala made a merry,every other day print outs!print outs!(thanks to pa for letting the cartridges stale in his office).

It was last saturday, we gave our final document for hard dinding of our record.It was raining so heavily...We ignoring all the pani puri and ice creams beside ... it took us 4.5 hours to take printouts.. arrange,re-arrange them all for the 3 copies to be submitted to the University.

And yesterday...I opened Word and..I felt so bad that it was all empty..nothing to be done..all over!I missed my Project.There was no tension now,all over..At an instance I felt bad,but at the next I recollected what all we've gone through-Thank God!it's over!!

I dedicate this blog to my project partner,everyone who dealt with my temper during the project tenure and obviously Microsoft Word :)

Monday, 10 August, 2009

BLJ -part 2 !

Not to make a fool of myself again..i didn't inform anyone at home that i was going to my recently made-second home "the passport office!"
It was Raksha Bandhan..i started as I do regularly to the college,my Mom called "hey your lunch box.."..i said"ma it's raksha bandhan they'd give us a half day.."
would she agree...NO!she came and kept the box in my bag.
I landed in front of the office-8:30,it was deserted..
9:15 the watch man opened the gate,till then i stood typing "happy raksha bandhan"messages :P

For the first time my number was second..hawww!!first was a middle aged man's born on 25-nov-1973..i calculated...oh..35 years he sat he asked me can you help me in the particulars we have to present...(i was like- sure...who else can ...).

Poor man got rejected for some address proof certificate.
My turn next:
officer:What is this?write the address of references.
Me:You'll reject it again eh?
officer:why will I?go write it and come.
I went and dialed Pa and wrote the addresses,Pa was surprised on hearing that I am at the PP office.
again with the officer..
officer: what is this dash,dash..write no no..(in telugu) and sign it on the photographs.
He striked off the page where i marked dash dash..
I made a blank face..
managed to understand something,which I realized later was not enough .. :P
signed on the photographs and showed him.
Officer:what is this,this is school eh?How many times should i say u.."write"
me:You already striked it off no,what's the point in writing "no" ?
I went away and wrote big NO's..murmuring-loser!huh!loser!

And then guess what?He asked me nothing!no board certificate no birth certificate!nothing!!huh!
Finally I paid the amount and dialed Pa,he said "Good Good!"
Then dialed sis..
She sang..that congratulations and celebrations song :P

And unfortunately she took an off that day from the office..why unfortunate?I'll tell you..

I always frowned at people who sticked to their phones on the roads,I always thought-Huh!showing how hi-fi your cell is eh?or showing How busy you are?
How can someone talk while crossing roads,don't shut their mouth even when there's a public toilet near by.. :P Eeeks!
I'll tell you,coz their must be a sister on the other you her diet chart,the no of awards she got in the office and how she'd utilize the sodex-ho passes she got with it..and who's after those sodex ho passes... how I should be wasting the rest of my day..Yes in a mall at crossword or Odyssey reading a book. :P

I did two new things that day,which i never did ...
sat like a typical book worm in crossword,the experience was good with no one behind saying"'s late..chalo.."
talked talked on the roads on phone and I don't know How much I walked she kept telling me the stories and i kept walking on the unknown roads and when finally she pitied me and disconnected the call,i found myself on some unknown street,I again walked back all the way..but I wasn't disgusted,frustrated ..Oh..I was so elated that i don't have to see that passport Office again...